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~~ It turned out she wanted more all along ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, June 17, 2010

When I saw this month’s challenge over at ScrappeHuset, I knew I just had to play along.

You see, the challenge was about being inspired by “Children and language” – and it’s a neverending inspiring theme – all from funny words the kids have been saying or pronouncing (“skrokostblanding”, “jeg har savnet deg” før noen har dratt i det hele tatt), or to me wanting the kids to speak properly (meaning, speaking “østlandsk” instead of “bergensk” :p), to my oldest wondering why there were only deaf people/people speaking in sign language in Oslo (my whole family is deaf, which means they get to meet a lot of deaf people every time we’re at home – and which gives them the impression there’s only deaf people in Oslo as opposed to where we live atm). Nevertheless (yes, I am listing the other options here so I won’t forget to scrap them too ;p). The thing I wanted to scrap the most was this.


“Wha!?! Can YOU play StarCraft!?” my oldest asked me (in disbelief – can you believe the nerve?) a few weeks ago, when we installed the SC2 beta and I informed him that uh, the two accounts were for me and his dad, not his dad and him. I coldly replied with “Duh hello, I’ve been playing that game WAY before YOU were born – so there!” (I remember the anticipation when SC was going to be released, in ‘98 I believe). I guess he was too little to have remembered me playing SC broodwars – I am fairly sure he was born when it was around, hmm (guess I need to doublecheck. Lazy atm!).. :p He’s been going through our old games every once in a while, like Diablo2, SC and WC3.

Guess this is sorta cute in a nerdy way. I found it slightly amusing, at least :p

Materials used: Cardstock, Hambly transparencies & rub-ons, old, old Heidi Swapp letters (I LOVE these but the darn dry adhesive on these is ugh to remove :p), KaiserCraft bling and 3d gluedots.

Ps! 3ndypapir has gotten a new design-team-member! Big welcome to Maya Stenshagen to the team!! She’s an amazing card- and altered art-maker – a wonderful addition to 3ndypapir :)

Ps2! Cami - I´ll see if I can find the blogpost where I found the tutorial on how to create the flower you asked for. If I can´t find it I´ll do one of my own, but - it´s not really my idea so I´ll try refind the original post for you soon :)

Title: “Oh! The divorces” – Tracey Thorn

3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ It turned out she wanted more all along ~~'

  1. Torill Said,'> 10:19 PM

    Så utrolig lekkert!!!
    Hærlig farge mix og knall tittel!!
    Tusen takk for at du ble inspirert til å bli med på utfordrignen vår!!
    Ha ei super helg!


  2.'> 9:03 AM

    love this! and i {used to} play those games as well :D my hubby is teaching me to play DOTA..still not doing it, me thinks one DOTA "addict" is enough in our lives right now, lol!


  3. banglamarie Said,'> 5:36 PM

    Warning; hvis du ikke bruker kluten blir det aldri en ny :P *fnis*
    hi, hi :o)

    Flott layout! Du er en superscrapper *beundre* Jeg har beveget meg mer mot hamsterstadiet... hamstrer scrappesaker og bruker ikke :P


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