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~~ Canvas galore! ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, January 20, 2012



seen the peeks yet over at the Prima blog? Some more of my stuff has popped up over there, in the Poppies and peonies-post, which means I can share’em here too, yay =)

So. First out is this ATC…we’re doing an ATC-swap in the DT, I’m creating one for Stacey Young, which can be seen above….and I’m getting one from Karola Witczak, whee! I added some gesso on mine, tried to stamp on it and discovered the stamp got smudged and didn’t seem to work well on the gesso (it yielded a crisp and fine impression on the paper – but an utterly sucky one on the gessoed canvas, boo), added some more gesso to cover up the mishap then went on adding some glimmer mist splotches onto it, a canvas butterfly (*loves*), a flower, a wooden pennant, a vintage trinket (*lovestoo*) and a wooden button then called it a day.


  • Canvas ATCs: 922030
  • Charlotte melon: 557300
  • Wood tickets meadow lark: 554378
  • Trinkets songbird: 554255
  • Resist canvas natural: 554699
  • Twill black: 550479


So. This Poppies & Peonies collection is a mostly canvas-based (and a few more things too, like some foam stamps and resinflowers and stuff) created by Donna Downey. Mm.. grabbed two canvas sheet & decided I’d make this journal myself (there’s already-made journals and stuff in the collection too…I did however have a number of ledger-papers from last CHA I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with, so I decided to put them to some good use…or something like that).


Looks sorta nice, eh?


The bird-trinket is one of many designed by Marion Smith, as seen in this post. I attached it to the chipboard/canvas with Glue Arts hot glue..been using that more and more lately..! The chipboard is from the Nature Garden collection, and the petal pin bead is just *loves* :) (it’s bendable though, which I assume would be a plus for jewellerymaking, but not so much when it comes to scrapbooking…still looks amazing though!)


Also used another kind of canvas for the insides :)



  • Canvas – poppy a canvas sheet 921934,
  • peony canvas sheet 921958
  • Chipboards – 950293
  • Trinkets – 555207
  • Petal pins beads – 556716
  • Ledger paper – 843755 and 843748


Seen that the Maya Road peeks has started??
*in love with so many, many things!*

Like the Vintage Mini Wood Butterflies, or the Vintage Wood Birds…

Head on over and comment for a chance to win some new goodies! :)


Have a lovely weekend! And for those of you celebrating the Chinese New Year, happy celebrating!
(I’ll be working this weekend, yay)

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  1.'> 12:47 AM

    I saw your gorgeous creations over on the Prima blog. Love them!


  2. Unknown Said,'> 4:08 AM

    your work is fabulous


  3. Yvonne Said,'> 3:07 PM

    I love peonies. These are beautiful. This is going to the top of my to-do list.


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