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~~ Them growing kids… ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Last weekend we dropped by my sis in Oslo (actually, we just wanted to use her Jacuzzi & celebrate my dads bday). Staying with her was just conventional. I love her house. Not only does she have nice taste & manages to keep the house tidy and all, she’s also darn lucky having amazing lightning coming in the huge, nice windows creating the most amazing light making snapping photos (when facing the windows) like a dream. *sigh* I’m jealous!

This is my littlesis and her son. Those eyes! The firm grip he has on her ear! Bwahaha. Cuteness.


This is my oldest son. He loves to read – and am now on the third & last book about The Hunger Games. I’ve read the books myself, and yes indeed – it’s no big literature, but it does what it’s supposed to do – spellbind young (and older) readers, enticing them into reading more. Love such books! He does not really want to watch the upcoming movie though – and I understand him. There might be gory scenes. Like how Katniss reaches for the silver bow (or something like that?)? Bwahaha. We’ll see. I’m gonna watch it for sure! *grin*


Like I said. Gorgeous light. A quick photosession is like, mandatory when having such light!


Add silly kids..


I do wish my sis was sensible enough to have a larger area of white wall built though. I simply do not understand how she did not think about that when they built the house like, two years ago or something like that!?!? *sigh*




That girl…


That kid…


Oh, it’s the baby! And my stepfather! He sure loves the ears. The baby, that is.


Did I mention I’m jealous? Sis got a Jacuzzi in the backyard. Nevermind minus fifteen degrees Celsius (like, 5 Fahrenheit) & snow! The latter only makes the whole event more fun when you can snow bathe before rejoining the hot water!



Mom and her four oldest grandkids. The baby was sleeping :(

(again – really wish sis would make that white wall larger….sigh)

Oh, did you see that the new D800 is out? *drool* What do you think, is a new D800 preferable to an used D3s? And oy, I’ve been missing taking photos w/my DSLR privately (as opposed to using the iPhone all the time privately and the DSLR at work)

4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Them growing kids… ~~'

  1. rosemary Said,'> 12:25 AM

    Lovely photos and your cards from the last post were beautiful-- very elegant. I'm definitely going to get a d800, just don't know if I want to get the d800e version...


  2.'> 8:58 AM

    du er skikkelig god med fotoapparatet......ehm, vent, -det håper jeg du visste......
    du har virkelig noen herlige unger......ehm, vent, -det håper jeg også at du visste......
    barna dine er virkelig blitt store nå....ehm, vent, DET antar jeg at du vet....
    aaah, shit, gidder ikke finne opp kruttet men sier at jeg digger innlegget, bildene og tekstingen din.... --hihi... ha en fin fin dag videre


  3. Sonja Said,'> 9:14 AM

    Ja de vokser til :) Ønsker deg en fin uke :)


  4.'> 12:57 AM

    Fabulous photos!


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