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~~ Thinking inside the box…~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, February 09, 2012
This month my challenge over at the 3ndypapir-blog is about the winter; create something that is about/looks/feels winterish. I altered a box which I’m not quite sure what to use for atm…but it sure looks pretty!
I even covered the insides w/patterned paper…maybe I’ll find some kind of gift that’ll fit inside, or I’ll buy a bag of wrapped chocolate so I can fill the tray..whatever – now I have the perfect box for whatever winterish situation.
I used papers from 3ndypapir and embellishments from (mostly) Maya Road bare the rub-ons (old Jenni Bowlin-ones – as smooth as butter still!) & white, fluffy flower from Pink Paislee.
To make the box more wintery I added crackle paint to the chipboards. Look. Pretty, eh?
I have one more that I need to decorate :)
The kids got one each of these googles, and I thought the box looked fairly sturdy and nice.
Covering it with pretty paper’s pretty quick and easy too, just make sure you cover all the surfaces, measure it right & roll on the adhesive (I just used my glue glider w/the perma-tac cartdrige, since I wasn’t going to add any moist to the box…like adding mist and stuff).
Feel free to join the challenge; check this post for more info.
rosemary Said,
12:25 AM
Lovely photos and your cards from the last post were beautiful-- very elegant. I'm definitely going to get a d800, just don't know if I want to get the d800e version...
From what I’ve initially read, I think the D800 is a more safe bet for me personally. Will certainly watch the reviews close when they start popping up on the web to learn more about the specifics and how stuff actually works when in use! My big question is whether the D800 is a big enough upgrade for me who has D700 (apart from the obvious: it can do video..and does seem way superior :p). And of course I’m drooling over a D4, but sigh, it IS a lot of money and probably (or well, I know it is!) more than I’ll ever need… atm…but still…you sort of always want the best, no? :p Looking through some older photos today I realized how little I actually photograph these days when not at work, I sorta was like “oh right, I used to be good at this”. UGh! And I interviewed an old-time-photographer the other day, one who’s been a photographer for like 40 years and who now is retired…he said something along the lines of “finally the work has become a hobby/passion once again”…hrm! (oook…I’m starting to feel a bit moody/nostalgic now, sorry!)

Elisabeth: Haha, takk for oppmuntringa! :D
Alienka Said,
5:02 PM
Beautiful cards!
As to spots you should buy antistatic pad. It looks like this:
You should stroke the paper with pad before stamping - it will prevent powder to stick.
(sorry if my English not good enough)
Ooh..yes..that’s the one! Do you have one yourself? Does it actually work well?
I also got an advice saying to just buy a common microfiber cloth, one that you use for cleaning up…but it didn’t seem to work that…maybe I bought the wrong kind come to think of it, hmm..

3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Thinking inside the box…~~'

  1.'> 12:53 AM

    This box is gorgeous--a gift by itself!


  2. Eli Said,'> 10:04 AM

    Du o`kreative gudinne :) Lekkertlekkert!


  3. Alienka Said,'> 7:35 AM

    Box is beautiful and VERY winterish! :)

    As for antistatic pad - yes, I have one. And it works - at least, there are only few spots on paper after I use pad. So I like it. Sometimes I carefully put away some crumbs with soft brush :)


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