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~~ Album de Famille ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, March 25, 2012


Y’know Craft Origine? They’ve got a whole new bunch of stamps out…sure, it’s in French, and I don’t speak one word French, but now they got wood mount stamps so I’ve added cheat labels to them translating what it says. Makes it all easier.. I just hope the translation’s somewhat correct, haha. I mean – everything looks (and sounds) so nice and posh in French for someone who doesn’t speak the language, so it’s not really a problem just stamping them here and there (imo it just makes me sound smart and all…to others who doesn’t speak the language either, that is)…just be nice it’s actually somewhat in theme w/what I’m creating for those who speak it. Sort of.


This one however – is totally in theme w/the card. It’s a CD-card so this stamp fits perfectly in (CD w/family pictures = modern family album =) ). And look at that white embossed clock stamp. It’s from Prima.


All the other stuff created on this card is actually from Prima. Plus adhesive used is from Glue Arts.



Just wanted to add some quick and nice touches to the card. like the “double folding” holding the cd in place inside the cd.


Tbh I didn’t really like this flower, not the butterfly on the front (they come in pairs)….but after using these two on this card I think I actually like them more than I did before I used them. The ribbon is…fairly sure it’s Maya Road..?


And oy!
Seen this:

An art-zine. Created by various scrapbookers and artists using Prima (ofcourse).

It’s coming out bi-monthly to stores around. Looks cool, eh?


Ps. You do know Prima is travelling around teaching in Europe atm?

 Here’s some info – they’re going to visit stores in Israel, Spain, France, the Netherlands AND Norway! :)

4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Album de Famille ~~'

  1.'> 12:12 AM

    I saw this on the Prima blog and think it is gorgeous!


  2. Aquarell Said,'> 12:20 AM

    Så flott denne var! Nydelig! :)


  3.'> 8:00 AM

    Your work is so beautiful!! I wish we could get that magazine here in Denmark!


  4. Beatemor Said,'> 8:19 AM

    Nydelig det var. Og en veldig god ide :-)


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