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~~ Meet Miss S ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, March 30, 2013

Did I mention I’ve got myself a new cam a couple weeks ago? Yeah..shooting a couple of weddings this year (Whee! The first one’s only a week away actually!), so I splurged on a much needed necessity – getting myself a 2nd body. One – in case (Heaven forbid) anything happens to my beloved D700. Two – so I don’t need to swap lenses all too often. So when I was asked to do a babysession I was all too happy to oblige (uhm hello, babies? Yes please!)…anything to put my new (ok, I got it used, but to me it’s new) D3s to the test!


So, meet Miss S. Sure. She’s smiling here.


Here too! But lemme tell ya. It was not easy getting her to give us the slightest hint of smile. She remained sceptical for a good long while, and got mommy & daddy to jump through quite a few hoops working it in hopes of a smile or two....


But it’ ok. She is quite adorable no matter what. Even when she kept wanting to gnaw on her own fist on about half the pictures I took. Haa..babies, I tell ya!


Being a supermodel is such exhausting work. Then again, she’s just as adorable when closing her eyes, causing me to sneak in a few more photos…(actually, personally I prefer the photos with her parents in, doing regular parenty’s the photojournalist in me loving such situations methinks)


And my new camera? Love, love, love the high ISO-abilities. It’s amazing. Really. Just need to trust it more, I’m a bit too afraid of hi ISO..which’s silly, seeing as it’s one of the main reasons I wanted the D3s. Seem to be able to hit correct focus most of the time (the focus ratio seem to be consistent with my old cam, possibly missing slightly more), although it might be a little slow on locking the focus in low light/low contrast situations, but I suppose that’s to be expected…just need more patience (or learn to focus manually…but I don’t trust my own eyesight, hrm…)

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  1. Staci Taylor Said,'> 4:09 AM

    Aww, what a cutie pie! Congrats on the new cam :)


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