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~~ Action's all the rage ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, August 02, 2007
My little article about basic Photoshop editing is out now in the newest "Vi Scrapper" mag. Tbh it feels more embarrassing than cool *blush* Wonder if what I wrote actually made sense? I added a lot of pictures, but only a few came through. I have to admit one thing though. You see, I'm *still* learning about photoshop, and I can't understand how in the world I've missed this one when briefly mentioning the use of actions in the article.

When using actions, you can actually decide wheter you want to automatize it or if you want to follow the steps actually seeing and being able to adjust stuff step-by-step. I thought it was random wheter the "authors" wanted us to be able to know that or not, but obviously, it's all about toggling an option on or off - namely the dialogue thingie - see above. Go ahead, if you don't have an action - make your own (it's not exactly rocket surgery (okok, wow-humor) - I'll show you how later if you wanna) or head to the free action-centre and get one and test. I promise you'll learn a lot from this - especially if you really wanna :p

/nerdmode on
Oh. While I'm on the subject of Photoshop -- have I mentioned how much I love CS3??? *smirk* I was wondering where they put the "feather" option (aside from the toolbar) -- well, hello Refine Edge. Too lazy to go back to CS2 and check wheter it was there or if it's a totally new feat, but dang, I love it!!! Seriously neat and cool and all the help-pointers...dang...CS3 I love you!
/nerdmode off

And oh. I've been tagged by the amazing Hetal - gee - to mention myself among the other awesome scrappers - thanks Hetal!! Wanna know a little secret? Hetal was actually my very first Idol in the scrapping-world. The first scrapper I recognized and thought "Dang I wanna be like in the world does she do that!" *blush* The first time I "met" her in a MSN chat I was close to speechless, hardly saying anything because I was like, ooo I'm actually in the same chattingroom with Hetal (and all those other to me "Big Norwegian Scrappers".....*blush again* *hugs Hetal*

So. Who to tag that she didn't?

Kathrine ofcourse. For being such an amazing scrapbooker and a wonderful scrapperfriend. I love being one of your thoughts ;) True, she doesn't really update her blog too often *sigh* but when she does...especially with her gotta check them out.

And then we have Catrine. She's way better than Kathrine when it comes to bloggin (sorry Kath ;) ) and she's always got those beautiful pictures and layouts. And she herself is also one of those who are beautiful both inside and out - at least the way I know her. Who knows. Maybe she isn't as nice as I believe she is deep inside but heck, anybody with four girls is allowed to have a secret, dirty outlet no ;)

And then we have those I don't know at all. Except that I love stalking their blogs. I doubt they know of my excistence at all. But I'd like to mention them here nevertheless.

Tongue in Chic-Kayla-Aimee-Terell (wonder if I got the name right?). She's fab. LOVE her blogposts. Love her personality and style. She really got style :)

And this beautiful woman behind Tongue in Cheek. Love her entries and pictures and thoughts and precious little gems and the fact that she's sharing it all with us.

And ofcourse Jessica Sprague. She's Da Woman. The Wizard with Photoshop. An amazing scrapbooker. And so on. *smile*

There! (okok, I think I was only supposed to mention four, but heck, I never claimed I could count eh )
Once again I'm sure I was supposed to say something more but ohwell, I'll just go back to my ubersecret project - which has just taken a turn for the better....I think......we'll see....soon enough...

4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Action's all the rage ~~'

  1. Heidi Said,'> 9:50 PM

    Nå ble jeg faktisk både sjokka og rørt på samme tid ania...KLEM!!!!
    Imponerende redigerings kunnskaper du har....kunne virkelig tenkt meg en fotohelg med deg...he, he..


  2. Kathrine Said,'> 10:30 PM

    Jeg tok dine "kathrine blogger for lite hint" som en utfordring jeg.


  3. _Kine Said,'> 11:08 PM

    Jeg gleder meg til å lese artikkelen din, skal kjøpe bladet i mårra. Bra du er tilbake fra ferie; scrappebloggeverdenen er ikke den samme uten deg, altså :)


  4.'> 11:57 PM

    need to learn everything i can about photo editing, you can teach me any day aniia!!!


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