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~~ Of stalagmites and stalactites and happy mails ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, December 08, 2007
Short but piccieheavy post:

  • My big heart in the window is melting!! (I didn't have eggs at the time when I made the icing so I just used reg. water and powdered sugar. Apparently not a good idea as it's making quite a stalagmite on the edge of the window! No sight of an equally impressing stalactite yet, but the pink lettering and the heart are melting away :p Jeje. :p

  • I we got HAPPY MAIL today!! Candies! Lots of candies from Silje!!!♥♥♥ And a card too! Aww thanks you're the best! And the kiddo is like, woah, candies in the mail, how totally cool :D (The little missus is just "look! eye!" haha)

  • And this is what happens when you take candy from a little missy for a few more seconds than she can handle ;p (to my defense, I was just gonna open it for her and delayed the handback for a lil so I could snap these piccies ;) bad mommy bad!)

  • She's signing "mine!"

  • And poking her cute lil tongue out :) (yes blurry but still cute :p)

  • In other words, I also finished painting the middle-ceiling, baked gingerbread-cookies (I'm gonna make teacandle-holders) and made the dough for the flat-bread I'm gonna bake tomorrow. BTW what's your thought of the two latter photos below - the first one not having its whitebalance adjusted and the other having the it corrected. Although the correct one is, well, technically correct I kinda do like the warmth the yellowish indoor-hue is giving out kinda. Makes it more "real".....instead of the corrected, sterile one? Hm.

4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Of stalagmites and stalactites and happy mails ~~'

  1. S_U_F_69 Said,'> 12:03 PM

    Hihi, stalagmitter og stalagtitter - jeg måttes straks inn å lese! Visste du forresten at det er faget mitt? Riktignok i grotter da ;-)


  2.'> 10:49 PM

    Skal si du faar ting unnagjort! baking og maling! Flink!! :)

    Yay! kjekt aa se at godteriet falt i smak, de bildene der er priceless! :) haha! Soeteste :)



  3. Anonymous Said,'> 11:54 PM a biology teacher/science geek, love the talk of stalactites!!!!!
    i the warm feel of the first photo!!!


  4.'> 10:58 AM

    Love the melted heart with its stalactites. Great pics, wish you a great week! :)


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