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~~ On the first day of Christmas... ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, December 13, 2007 true love gave to me,
a Partdridge in a Pear Tree...

Oh yes. We're totally doing the twelve days of Christmas (I kinda like this one - it's at least definately shorter than "99 bottles of beer"...:p) over at Bad Girls. I was banging my head on the wall over this one for two days or so... kinda knew I wanted to do a Maya Road birdie (which Ive grown to love - soooo cute!) but I wanted it to be kinda "more" than just that.... then I emptied my gluedot-roll and was like....ooh...what if I put this into that..... and tada.... kinda cool Christmas Tree Ornament!! I even used the Bad Girls Decemberkit on this one too and had one extra empty roll to make two (hoarder anyone? :p) :) I've attached a "how-to" on the Bad Girls message board - basically just dress the ring and the birdie (remember two wings - one for each sides) and tie it up using small buttons as uhm, "stoppers".

So what else has happened in Happy Christmasland of mine since last time? Well. Ive got two more walls painted. Fun I know ;p. I attended a school-event for my kid - mother in law was so kind to attend aswell (hubs could not go :p) so I was free to take piccies!! Wohoo!! Taking pictures in the dark was so much easier than I expected!! I'm serious - a lot of the photos I came home with didn't really need any editing at all - I was both surprised and amazed about that (well ok, RAW files but still....pretty much no tweaking needed to several of the photos. Cool! Well, maybe a lil tweaking of the wb but not that much cause I really like the orange glow - makes it more alive and realistic). Adrian was excited holding a real torch while Amalie was a tad more sceptical about the whole thing and hung to her Winnie-teh-Pooh-lights. We brought hot chocolate in a termos too as we were outside for a good while that evening. Oh and may I just say???? Adrian looks unbelieveable pretty in these pictures. So gorgeous. And I'm not sayin' this 'cause I'm his mommy...noooooonoono.... little boy is growing up so fast.. dang.

I need to paint more now then I have to wrap up a layout (I haven't scrapped in three days!!) and hopefully bake more old trad. food. Oh, and a new RAK post is up at Scrappedugnad - this one a very fun one from Ingunn - lol - I guess one of the answers are way easier than the others ;)

Ps! Ey did you see!?! W00t!!!! Word of the year! W00T! haha. (ok, I love sayin woot, but usually with normal o's :p) Yeah - finally |337 speak is something like that :p

ps2! I'm HOOKED on Gossip Girl these days! *blush* I think it when you think these boys are so pretty intriguing and then notice how much younger than you they are and it makes you old and uh like.....more old!

ps3! Scroll way down for some real amusing YouTube-vids about where Santas really comes from. Really. Teehee. Not really suitable for children I guess.....maybe....i dunno..:P

Har laget litt juletrepynt og ellers tatt med guttungen og Amalie på fakkeltog på skolen - gikk herfra med alle de andre folka og ned til skolen og greier. Snille svigermor var med så jeg var "fri" til å kunne ta disse bildene ;) Ble overraskende fine disse bildene - veldig gøy å ta bilder av fakkeltog og greier :) Adrian fikk holde ordentlig fakkel mens Amalie holdt Ole Brumm-lommelykten sin ;) Og så hadde vi med varm kakao i termos - noe barna satte veldig pris på for det trakk jo litt ut nede på skolegården :)

ps. Idag har mormor bursdag - 92 år - hurra!! Kort på vei til mormor! (jada mamma ;p)

Ps. You ever wondered where those pro Santas are coming from? Or even how they're turned into jolly good Santas? Well, wonder no more!

11 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ On the first day of Christmas... ~~'

  1.'> 11:08 AM

    Oh wow Ania, the pics are so gorgeous, can't stop looking at them!
    Wish you a great day!


  2. Catrine Said,'> 1:50 PM

    Jeg skrev nettopp en lang kommentar, men så fikk jeg feilmelding da jeg skulle poste. ;)
    Så her kommer et kort sammendrag:
    Nydelige bilder - det at de blir så bra sier litt om dine fotoferdigheter! Du er kjempeflink!!!
    Fuglen er så søt. Jeg angrer meg grømm på at jeg nettopp kastet en tom gluedotrull. På en annen side har jeg ikke MR fuglene heller, så... En annen gang kanskje. ;)
    Ha en fin-fin torsdag! *klem*


  3.'> 2:18 PM

    seriously lovely pictures!! my "in the dark photos" NEVER come out like that...share your secret please!!!
    and your first day of christmas is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!


  4. Anonymous Said,'> 3:37 PM

    så kule filmer!!!!hahaha!!julepynten din er såååålekker!!!fyttigrisen!
    alt det du kommer på sier jeg bare:)
    ser ut som adrian og amalie koste seg på skoleeventen:)kjempeflotte bilder!


  5. Anonymous Said,'> 5:31 PM

    too funny about the "woot!"... lol!

    i wanted to tell you what texture actions i use on my photos since you asked on my blog. I use these:

    (the urban actions and textures)

    and these texture actions:

    hope that helps!

    danielle thompson


  6. ellen s. Said,'> 10:15 PM

    yeah, those night shots are phenomenal! pls share your tips! i love the ornaments too!


  7.'> 11:49 PM

    love those photos ania, and that birdie ornament is so so cute!


  8. banglamarie Said,'> 2:16 AM

    ÅÅÅÅ så nydelige ringer med fulg i!!! Kjempefin ide :) Sånn skal jeg absolutt prøve meg på! Kanonstilig!!

    Flotte fakkeltogbilder!


  9. Stine Said,'> 10:58 AM

    Wow-den pynten var skikkelig kul!
    Har både de fuglene, og snart en tom rull, så må muligens prøve å lifte den hvis ok! :)


  10. Aquarell Said,'> 4:02 AM

    Utrolig flotte bilder!
    Skulle gjerne tatt et fotokurs hos deg...:D


  11. Camilla G Said,'> 10:29 PM

    Kjempeflotte bilder ania, du er så flink! Lurer på hva slags lys/ instillinger og hvordan du har tatt de kjempefine bildene av den kule fuglepynten din?


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