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~~ Scrappedugnad!! :) ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, December 02, 2007
Yey!! The cat's outta the bag - yesterday we finally opened Scrappedugnad, Norwegians first (and only ..well...if it's the first then it's ofc it's the only uh.. :p) challengeblog. I was contacted by Christine and Mari two months ago asking if I wanted to partipicate in this...and duh, ofcourse I'd love to! They've been two great little busybees fixing and pulling strings and getting stuff ready for today (and more to come) - there's a lot of wonderful prizes lined up - everybody's been so entusiastic and positive to this - and our guestdesigners are nothin but fabulous...!! The only bleh thing is that Christine didn't get this idea sooner cause we'd be able to do a groupshot of us four - me, Christine, Mari and Ingunn - while we were in Stavanger...that'd be cool.... ohwell... :p

I've had great fun doing my layouts for these challenges aswell - those knowing me knows I'm the kind of gal who prefers to get stuff done in advance and stay ahead of the timetable so I'm ready and don't have to panic about deadlines and stuff - and with those great prompts from the guestdesigners I coudln't help but just do them pretty much straight away.... now my biggest problem comes; the &%%¤&% waiting until I'm actually allowed to show my layouts......hrm....:p

ANyways - I'm able to show my layout for this first challenge at least! Kerry Lynn is a fabulous sweet gal who's crazy about Hambly and totally the enabler (I've been able to resist Hambly for a good long while thinking I really really don't HAVE to have these yummylicous transparencies or rubons until I did her class and totally went over to the dark side)....anyways... while in Stavanger I wanted to do one on one shots ala Kathrine so I totally bugged people around me to take piccies with me - KL included. Soo for her challenge I just had to scrap this piccie of us two - so perfect uh? I made a "flower" outta Hambly transparencies - heating the edges so they'd curl some and stickin them together with 3d gluedots...made curled "ribbons" of transparencies too to match.

Anyways. We're two days into December and today's the first advent... Advent = candles and uhm, I have to admit I've sucked on this tradition before (I know1!!!!!) but not so this year!!! This year I made my own Advent-candles from plain candles & red Heidi Swapp chipboardnumbers.. heated the candles somewhat w/my embossinggun and pressed the numbers into it =)

I also decided to make another batch of my yummy Christmas-cookies....double batch this time, as the single batch I made a week ago or so is...uhm.... *cough* all eaten.... *cough* I really shouldn't make cookies and stuff this early, they'll never make it to Christmas!! (hubbys solution: make non-delicious cookies, that'll solve your problems!) Hrm,...we'll some help "cleaning" the bowl at least :p

Here's the reciepe in Norwegian if you wanna try too - they're YUMMILICOUS true story!


300g romtemperert smør
250g sukker
200g demerasukker (eller annet brunt sukker)
ca 450g hvetemel
100g egg (ca 2 egg)
150g grovhakket mørk sjokolade
100g hakkede hasselnøttkjerner
100g hakkede, tørkede aprikoser (har ikke prøvd med aprikoser før da, pleier droppe de)
1/2 ts hornsalt
1/2 ts bakepulver
1ts malt kanel
4ts kakaopulver

Bland smør, sukker og brunt sukker i en kjøkkenmaskin med grind. Kjør ca 1 minutt på halv hastighet. Tilsett hvetemel og egg vekselvis og bland dette inn i deigen. Tilsett resten av ingrediensene, og bland alt godt sammen,. Rull deigen ut til pølser som er ca 4cm i diameter. Legg dem i fryseren så de blir harde - ca 20minutter. Forvarm stekeovnen til 180grader, ta frem pølsene og skjær de i 1 1/2 cm tykke skiver med skarp kniv mens de er harde. Legg skivene på bakepapirkledd plate og stek de ca 10 minutter til de får god farge. Avkjøles på rist.

10 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Scrappedugnad!! :) ~~'

  1. Catrine Said,'> 10:15 PM

    Gratulerer så mye med Scrappedugnad! Jeg gleder meg masse til å følge med - og jeg har jo allerede laget en LO til den første utfordringen. ;o)


  2. Heidi Said,'> 11:59 PM

    *dåne*.....*dåne*.....GOSH for en flott blogg du har Ania!!!!! Utrolig flotte bilder, spennende utsnitt, tekst som man får lyst til å lese...og FLOTTE layouter!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Bøyer meg i støvet!!!*

    Grattis så mye med "Scrappedugnad" gleder meg til å se mer!!!



  3. Kathrine Said,'> 9:04 AM

    Gratulerer så mye med scrappedugnad! Ser spennende ut.

    Julecookiesene her i huset er også på vei vekk, så jeg starta kanskje litt tidlig jeg også - men hey, det er jo desember bare en gang i året!


  4. Lene S Said,'> 9:21 AM

    Digggbare bilder, diggbar oppskrift, diggbar layout og utroolig diggbra nyhet om Scrappedugnad! Så kult med en norsk utfordringsblogg. Jeg jobber med et bidrag :o)


  5. Anonymous Said,'> 11:04 AM

    a) Yay!!

    b) mmmm, cookies...


  6.'> 12:54 PM

    Wow, amazing work again!
    And I totally love the recipe pic, great!!
    Wish you a great week!


  7. Tracie H Said,'> 1:46 PM

    Totally ove your LO - ermmmm can I have the receipe in English please?


  8.'> 8:16 PM

    Jeg er saa stolte av dere! scrappe dugnad er kjempe!! :)

    Og takk for oppskriften! Den er printa ut, og skal proeves!!! :)



  9. scrappermimi Said,'> 5:04 AM

    Very cool! You have such great style! Love your projects!


  10.'> 3:25 PM

    Good luck on the challenge, the sneak looks fabulous !! I love chocalate anything, may I have the recipe in English please ..... *LOL* I can only understand sukker .....


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