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~~ Lallaa ATCs ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Okay, the bags are..uh..oh wait, no, they aren't right yet - but will be soon - packed, that is. I am heading off to Oslo to my father to do some serious and much-needed studying. Well, as much studying as I am able to muster for the moment being, but I am getting better and better for every day and well, it's not like I'm gonna run a marathon or something like that so I am feeling pretty positive that this will be a good week. And since my mother is gonna visit us next weekend because of some senior-thingie she and my stephfather was gonna attend here in Bergen, I am going to travel back home with them, yay.

Actually, if this post has made it it means I am on the train as I am scheduling it and obviously would be home to edit/interrupt the sceduled post or something kinda :p

In the sharing a few ATC's I've made lately....I really really am starting to fancy the whole ATC thingie...such a great thing to send other scrappers instead of little notes or cards kinda. I think anyways :) (note to self: these atcs needs something extra - like more alphaletters on them. Ohwell. Will remember that for the next times :) )

11 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Lallaa ATCs ~~'

  1. Anonymous Said,'> 7:39 PM

    Skikkelig flotte ATCer!

    Takk for deltakelsen:)

    Brita - ScrappeMania


  2. Beate Said,'> 8:31 PM

    Så flotte ATCer!!
    Digger alt du lager!


  3. Sonja Said,'> 10:09 PM

    Kule ATC'er! Trodde ikke det var plass til bilde på de, men det klarte du jo bra!! Ha en fin uke!!


  4. Christine Said,'> 11:31 PM

    Jeg ble hvertfall veeeeeldig glad når jeg fikk min ATC av deg :D Skikkelig lekker!


  5. Anonymous Said,'> 2:49 AM

    Those atc's are darling!!



  6.'> 12:11 AM

    oh they are so shabby!! love them hun xx


  7. ToneF Said,'> 12:20 AM

    Åh, så lekre de var!!! Nyyydelige ATC'er!
    Tusen takk for at du ble med på utfordringa :D


  8. { Kristina } Said,'> 12:25 PM

    Lekre ATC'er du har laget!

    Takk for at du deltar på utfordringen vår.



  9. Aquarell Said,'> 4:30 PM

    Kjempestilige ATCer! Knallflotte!:D


  10. Staci Taylor Said,'> 3:08 PM

    Those ATC's are awesome! Hope your trip to Oslo was productive


  11. Pretty Arty Said,'> 6:41 PM

    they are so beautiful !!


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