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~~ Winner of the RAK + Pencil-Lines ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, May 12, 2008

Yay! I got Adrian to help me after I had written all the names and cut them down into strips mixin' them up in the bucket, but Amalie caught us and insisted on helping out too! So. I guess we have two winners - the first winner (Adrian) will get the RAK I posted below here and the second winner (Amalie) will get a smaller RAK from me. Cause I can't disappoint my children displaying only one of them on the blog you know ;p So - congratulations to Aquarell (mainRAK) and Monica (small RAK)!! Email me your adresses please - my email should be located somewhere in the right sidebar :p And thank you all for partipicating!! :)

Today was a wonderful day - sunny and lovely - so my husband suggested that I took the children out for a walk to my mother-in-law while he's out playing badminton then some D&D. Right. Me + children + walk? uhm, lemme see, last time we did so we got totally lost. But this was like, well, we have driven there lots of times - how can we get lost when we're walking the same route?? Three words: Don't take shortcuts. Or. "Shortcuts". Hum it ended well with my husband finally locating us with his car on his way home from the badminton-thingie (just as my cellphone-battery died, yay!), drove us to mother-in-law and left us there mumbling something about us cutting in on his D&D playtime :p We got treated well - waffles and icecream and strawberries and then she took us to a gardenstore buying us plants and stuff - among them rosemary - yay! Now I have rosemary in my garden! Fresh herbs! Let's see how long this lasts :p

Yesterday we had Breanne Crawford guestdesign at Pencil-Lines - I totally ADMIRE that woman!!! LOVE her style! Mine is fairly uh, I dunno, square? Used Imaginisce-papers and some 7gypsies, fancy pants ribbons, prima and american crafts.

Have a nice week! And wish me one too...

6 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Winner of the RAK + Pencil-Lines ~~'

  1. Aquarell Said,'> 8:58 PM

    Hæ!? Meg? JIPPI! Tusen, tusen takk! Å, dette var jo himla gøy!
    Ble litt paff nå...:D
    Hils til dine to små, og si at de er kjempeflinke "trekkere".
    Kjempeflott LO også, det glemte jeg nesten å si... ;)


  2. Monica Said,'> 9:29 PM

    Yey! Takk! Stor klem til Amalie!
    Og dere 3 på tur...jeg må jo le da, at mannen tør slippe dere av gårde alene *fnis*
    Nydelig LO! :)


  3.'> 1:06 AM

    haha! Jeg vet hvordan det er aa gaa seg vill ja! Derfor jeg konstant trasker rundt med GPS'n i veska ;) *knis*



  4. { Kristina } Said,'> 8:08 AM

    Grattis til vinnerne. :)

    Supersøt den layouten da. Herlige farger.


  5.'> 11:29 AM

    Huge congrats to the winner, what a wonderful RAK!
    And of course I love your PL layout, it is gorgeous again! :)


  6. tovetyll Said,'> 12:42 PM

    ha ha det er greit å gå seg vill når du får vafler og jordbær etterpå, er det ikke det da?? lol
    kuuuul lo, og for noen godsøte barn du har!!



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