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~~I ♥ colors! ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, May 11, 2008

I just had to test some new actions -- thanks to Jolene I found out that Totally Rad Actions actually have free samples of their actions for those on the fence about purchasing their actions. I have been drooling on their actions for what, a year plus now. Hmm. This sure makes me drool even more!! These photos are from today - Amalie was a bit sad because Adrian was going to a friend of his so I eased her mind promising we'd paint.. this is some paint from IKEA that supposedly will glow in the dark. I don't know if it works yet but darn I LOVE the neon-colors!!

I also gathered some of the stuff I will be giving away - one of my leftover class-kits from Prima, some Norwegian Vintage papers, ribbons, chipboard, flowers, rubons, embellishments and quite a few papers. I am sure I'll find even more stuff to add to this RAK so feel free to comment in this post if you haven't already - I will draw a winner from that list tomorrow (monday) :)

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  1. Monica Said,'> 2:34 PM

    Så utrolig kule, herlige farger! Spent på om de lyser i mørket, må nok uansett shoppe litt maling neste gang jeg er på Ikea.
    Superkul RAK btw, masse digg-digg!
    Ha en fin søndag :)


  2. Lene S Said,'> 3:16 PM

    Å så digge fargebilder! Det første var helt knall! Gleder meg til å se en layout med malingstema ;o)

    Og for en rak da....sikler!

    Ha en fortsatt fin pinsehelg!



  3. Karen Knight Said,'> 3:23 PM

    wow those colours loook happy. they excite me.

    those goodies look super yum

    KR. xx


  4. Carrin Said,'> 6:52 PM

    Digge digge digge farger!!!


  5.'> 11:04 PM

    aaah! lekkre bilder du!
    Jeg har akuratt faatt laptopen tilbake etter den kraesja, saa jeg maa jammen teste ut de actionsene ja!

    Haaper du har hatt en god helg <3


  6. Unknown Said,'> 11:09 PM

    Cool, thanks for the hint for actions, I've already sent for them! Can't get enough of them ;) I'm an action-fan :D
    I got a new camera so now I'm a real photo-nerd! Me + Photoshop = Love!
    Nice stuff your giving away!



  7. Zoa Said,'> 11:57 PM

    Happy Mother's Day! I just discovered Bad Girls today- I have been checking it out & I love your work! Congrats on making the LUXE DT!! That is awesome! Hope to see more of your LO's soon :)


  8. Anonymous Said,'> 1:49 AM

    Å, så mange herlige actions på RAD-siden! Takk for link!
    Det er alltid inspirerende å lese i bloggen din.
    Og herlig rak også, da...


  9. Stephanie Said,'> 1:55 AM

    seeing those colours has brighten my day! and wow look at those yummy stash!


  10.'> 2:58 AM

    Your colours look bright and happy, love the goodies !


  11.'> 9:04 AM

    Wow! So great to see your 'giveaway' kits. Am I late? I just pray hard hope that can have it for my SB. Thank you!!!


  12. _Kine Said,'> 10:05 AM

    Så lekre bilder :D Ikeas maling er helt undervurdert! Det var litt av en RAK ja! *sikler på blonden*


  13. Anonymous Said,'> 12:03 PM

    Totally cool colors - once again I really miss living "next door" to IKEA =) Hope that the actually glow in the dark!

    Mmmm, would be really really happy to create something with the RAK!

    I frequently visit and ENJOY your blogg, but I am really bad att commenting... Thanks for all the inspiration you give!


  14. Kim Watson Said,'> 1:52 PM

    Congrats on making the LUXE DT!! Your work is great, they are lucky to have you.


  15.'> 2:14 PM

    looks so lovely!!!!
    i am off to try those actions...what fun!


  16. Tessa Ann* Said,'> 8:17 PM

    Hi Ania,
    Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!
    Love all of the gorgeous color on your blog.
    I hope you have a wonderful week!


  17. Tessa Ann* Said,'> 8:18 PM

    Me again!
    Congrats on making LUX!!
    They are SOOO lucky to have your talent aboard!
    Have fun with that :)


  18. Marit Said,'> 8:37 PM

    Du inspirer til stadighet,
    og malingen er jo bare så stilig,
    spennende å se videre.

    Du er så sprudlende og entusiastisk derfor må jeg til stadighet innom bloggen din. :-)


  19. Unknown Said,'> 12:46 PM

    thanks for the info on the actions hun, off to download!!


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