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~~ Pencil-Lines # 99 and my eventful night ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, August 24, 2008
Hmmm does the piccie look a lil fuzzy to you too? Hrm.
Nevertheless..Pencil-Lines #99 (know what that means?? Next one will be #100!!!!) with Mellette Berezoski and sponsed by the ever so fabby Jenni Bowlin Studio :) I *love love love* the papers and the colors in the kit I got... so old fash! LOve her vintage style! (and did you spot that almost all of the PL team decided to use this cs as their backgrounds? LOL..Sasha..youre the outsider haha :D )

I picked the photo to use for this layout before I noticed the bingo-card I got...yep...."faith". Nice coincidence! :) When I was little, my father used to have a what, at least 1.5 meter high statue of Jesus in his office at home (along with LOADS of books and a dino-computer which was grey and orange and had the two games snake and chess in it :P). Anyways. This photo is from 1981 - I was two years old - and the statue was still raging higher than me :p Dad says I used to be fascinated by this, I wonder where it's at now..

The journaling consists of two of the journalingcards put together and tied w/a ribbon (and a charm) - I wrote about the statue/photo on the front and a more personal note on the inner card.

Aside for Jenni Bowlin products I also used May Arts Ribbon, a small charm, a little Hambly, some leftover fabric from the June Bad Girl kit and a button from MME.

Oh by the way - what about some Primalovin'?? Check out this terrific offer over at Prima- imagine that, a chance to win 500$ in prod!!

--- warning ---nerd whining ahead!!

In order to try to figure out my computer-troubles..... I'm using Windows Vista 64b, which I like and think is pretty neat apart from the little fact that most drivers ARENT UPDATED for this version, which can be a little PITA at times. Just a little. :p Anyways. Peter, an old friend of us from the old EQ-days (I remember one of our very first meetings outside Chardok like eight years ago or so :p) tried his darned best to help us over im & teamspeak but alas....after at least four or five hours (at 2.30am :p) we had to give up. We (um ok... he) did figure out how to flashstart & ninjaupdate the bios (after XX# of wasted cd's trying to figure out the boot thing from cd :p) but it wasn't really the solution after all..or well, not the solution we had hoped for :/ *sigh*

So yeah I'm having fun fun fun times w/the PC these days uh :p And it looks like it'll cost me even more to try fix it...w/new hardware...yay..

I am just hoping the whole crap won't permacrash on me and all I really really want is just to be able to edit my photos in peace (editing photos w/4gb ram is woooonderful by the way)

----- end of nerd whining!

---- start of photograph/photoshop-geekin'

I am trying to catch up these days.
So here's some photolinks I simply don't want to forget, or want to save & reread at a more quieter day.
  • Annoyed about the dustbunnies living in the scanner (or maybe editing old vintage photos that's too scratched and stuff?). Don't forget the Dust & Scratches filter :)
  • I intend to practice manual focusing (at least I keep saying this to myself), but uh, how do you really measure w/your eyes the distance to what you want to focus at? Surely won't do on runnin kids uh? Well, unless you stand still and take photo of a spot where theyre running to and click once they enter the area you know you have prepared the focus at hmmm... Nevertheless- here's some practicing tips...and here's some reasons as to why use manual focus.
  • One of my best intentions are to learn the flash better. Yeah. That's what Ive been saying for a good long while too along w/the manual focusing thing. Still. I'm linking it here and there so I won't forget. Or something like that.
  • Lightroom 2! Here's a nice review by Scott Kelby..I have to admit...I delete all my RAWs once edited (unless it's photosession-files), so I have a hard time sticking to Lightroom as I lose the keywords&organizing etc anyways?? And I find the sliders too fiddly so I prefer these in ACR...Im sure there's workabouts around them though, cause well, "everybody's" using Lightroom?...feel free to share :p This bullet-style-list by David Ziser sounds pretty promising though...
---- end of photograph/photoshop-geekin'

Have a nice week :)

3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Pencil-Lines # 99 and my eventful night ~~'

  1. Aquarell Said,'> 11:49 PM

    Kjempeflott LO! Må sjekke ut skissa for denne uka, tror jeg...:D


  2. Unknown Said,'> 1:18 PM

    Skikkelig tøff og stilig LO... .-)

    Have a nice day!


  3. Camilla G Said,'> 12:38 AM

    Nyyydelig layout, skikkelig skarpe og sterke farger! Skjønner ikke noenting av dataproblemene din, men synes synd på deg:) Takke for gode linker, noen av dem hadde jeg også på min "lese ved en aledning-listen" Fikk drlig samvittighet når jeg leste om blitz, min stakkar SB800 kjenner jeg bare ved AV/PÅ knappen:(


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