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Yeah I'm alive..

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So yeah - I'm alive and well - arrived home on Sunday after 6+ weeks out of town. Home to a defunct computer which won't allow me to properly edit my vacation photos (and it's seriously a LOT of photos..including two weddings...). Love seeing BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) when I'm about to finish the last RAW-photo causing me to lose out and having to re-edit. Sucks. Still I keep starting up Photoshop when I should just leave it and wait until the problem is fixed. Ohwell. Proof that I'm stupid I guess =) Or that I love to edit the same picture twice or even thrice and only 5-6 in a batch at a time.

I've scrapped - on my second layout now- future Pencillines layouts so can't show them yet - but GOD how lovely this feeling is - to scrap once again :)

Anyways, pulled out a few photos from the vacation to share...

Woke up one morning (in Elverum) and saw these monkeys in bed together..they even held hands *melts*

We spent 08.08.08 at the Vigeland Sculpture Park.

We spent a few hours here at Teknisk Museum.
This is my sister, the kids and me in front of the heatsensing camera. Kinda cool eh. (And yes, all the blue IS water :P - we had to wear wellingtons to enter this area which was filled with water to illustrate the changes in the climate and stuff :p)

We spent a few days waiting for this dino to hatch..

We attended my cousins wedding in Konnerud..

And another wedding in Ålesund..

We did a lot more during our vacation too, like going to Arendal and Nesodden and Sweden (Uppsala and Degerfors - center of the world ;))

So let's see..what more has happened during the vacation,...scrapwise....I got a layout requested by Scrapbook Trends, which's pretty cool as it's my first time...I have no idea if the layout arrived safely though, but I hope so- mother in law arranged the shipping while we were away.. I made the Hambly team (yay :D ok, this one is a bit worn out by now I guess as Ive blogged about it already =))... I learned that I got two layouts in the Skin and Ink Sept issue - cool - thank you so much to Anam who arranged this :D Fellow Luxe-DT member Sherry Stevenson is teaching an online-class at NYScraps if anyone's interested in checking it out. Speaking of Luxe Designs, check out the cool new blinkies over here!
Oh, and I just learned I won some pretty pretty pretty trims from Websters Pages, yum!! :D

All in all - it's good to be back - now, if only the computerproblems could be solved asap...

6 intriguing feedbacks to 'Yeah I'm alive..'

  1. Unknown Said,'> 1:54 AM

    Great to have you back! Love your page!


  2. Aquarell Said,'> 10:03 AM

    Flotte bilder! Håper du får orden på pc'en din igjen...:D
    Ha en fin dag.


  3. Lene - nabon Said,'> 1:35 PM


    Hva gjør du med dem?

    Please fill me in...hihi


  4.'> 3:50 PM

    CRAP about the computer....but AWESOME about the fab scrappy stuff!!!
    and I LOVE the sculpture park....we spent HOURS there!!!


  5.'> 6:23 PM

    WOW you have amazing photography skills! Loved this post


  6. Carrin Said,'> 7:45 PM

    Det første bildet der.......smeeeeelt noe sååå fullestendig hæ?! Virkelig nyydelig!!!


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