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~~ My Top 10 Layouts for 2009. Or so. ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ugh where do you even begin!?

Do I pick layouts I personally find especially aesthetically pleasing, or do I pick the layouts with the prettiest/most fondest pictures, or the ones that mean something to me? Hmm.

Nevertheless, I ended up with twelve I just had to have in my “Top 10” list. And a few more in the runner-up spots. Conceited, who, me!? :p (plus, “top 10” was maybe a wrong term to use from the start of – it’s more a “fave 10”, but ohwell)


Definitely one of the keepers from 2009. What more can you really ask for here..?? Multiple photos, sun, summer and beloved children plucking (harvesting?) wild berries, glimmer mist and a lovely mix of 3ndypapir-paper, Hambly and Basic Grey rubons, Prima flowers and journaling-spot and tags from Elle’s studio. Among other scraps I found on my desk when making this one.


More sun! :)

To be honest I’m sort of hesitant when it comes to papers which have their own “design”-patterns already sort of and I’m “just” utilizing the pattern – it feels like taking credit for an awesome design I didn’t really put together sort of (I’m weird I know). Still, I love this layout because I do feel I made it mine – you can find more detail-shots of it here. I had a duplicate of this paper so I cut out some of the flowers, stars and suns from one paper and adhered them upon the other in the exact same spots with 3d-foam. I added a frame-transparency, buttons and felt, journaling-spot and sewed on the whimsical frame. It turned out to be an energic and happy layout. Me like. Everything on this layout is from Fancy Pants Designs.

babyknutI made this layout at a weekend-getaway with some scrappy friends. I remember playing aimlessly with this one until I was like, bah, let’s just adhere stuff and see what happens. Think it turned out well :) Plus, I used *two* stamps here. GO me!! :) Fancy Pants Designs.

(still rummaging in my FP-catalogues) – this is one of the more recent layouts I’ve made earlier in December. In a way it feels like a traditional layout-setup w/Fancy Pants – yet it turned out sort of different. And pretty if I may have to say it myself ;p

What can I say? Love the lime green on black. Plus the feisty, spunky attitude of the girl on the photos ;p  Pretty much all Hambly w/a lil American Crafts & Adorn-it.

20090111  Grungy. Emo. Loves.

Hambly stuff.


Love this layout. One of the first ones I did w/my then-new edgepunchers, I think. I made a sort of flat box w/cardstock before adhering patterned papers on it. Attached to this layout it holds some of the little ones’ drawings inside. Especially like the rubon-stuff here. Hambly & Prima.

sweetdelightHm yeah. This was a way to try clean up all the Hambly-scraps I had on my table. *cough*



I tried. I’m still trying.

Hambly stuff.

White cardstock + glimmer mist (my fave colors – jazz blue/patina + suede) + Hambly + dear friend = win.


Lovely photo + awesome papers + a design which just clicked = also win.

Mostly Pink Paislee-stuff.

Glimmer mist & jumping = lots of energy. Sort of. I really like how the layout captures the feel of the photos. Imho. ;) Fancy Pants stuff.

Okay, that was my top 10 (12).

Here’s the runner-ups. Because I’m feeling especially conceited today :)

I just like the way this turned out. PLUS I got to use one of my beloved momji-stickers I’ve been hoarding forever!! Pink Paislee-stuff.

I’m not too sure about this layout, but I love the photo. Totally captures the relationship between these two. Plus I kinda like that I actually managed to use buttons here! (and I stitched them to the layout w/my sewing machine! I’ve never done that before. Haven’t done it since either come to think of it. :p)

Fancy Pants Designs.

Photo + title says it all.

Fancy Pants Designs.


I loved this layout when I made it. I’m not so sure now. Still think the use of the bubbles is cool, though. Plus, American Crafts = win anyways. Love their graphic papers & bold, clear colors! :)


Tbh I’m not too fond of circle-layouts, but think this one turned okay.

Hambly+My Little Shoebox.




I like to think this layout sort of captures my silly sense of humour. *like to think* being the keyword here ;p

Nikki Sivils.


I love you.


orly *snicker*
I don’t know if I really like this, but I had fun making it for sure – not thinking about design-rules or anything at all. Not that I normally do tbh, but hm. Maybe especially more for this one.


Thanks for reading all the way down here and hope you liked some of these too :)

I still have a few more “Top 10” posts to share the next few days. I think.
But for now – thanks for the old year & hope to see you in the new one :)

12 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ My Top 10 Layouts for 2009. Or so. ~~'

  1. MonaV Said,'> 11:27 AM

    Det er en glede å se på alle disse fargerike flotte LOene dine.
    Flotte oppsett har du og masse herlige, morsomme detaljer.

    Ønsker deg en fin nyttårsfeiring i kveld!


  2. Sonja Said,'> 1:38 PM

    Hjelpes så mangen flotte Layouter Ania!
    Ønsker deg og dine et godt nytt år!


  3. mo9ca Said,'> 2:01 PM

    Aaaahhhh!! Mange herlige LOer her Ania - digger hver og en av dem, og digger stilen din!!
    Ønsker deg og dine kjære en fin feiring, og ett fantastisk flott nytt år!
    Håper vi snart får sjangs til å treffes igjen!!

    *stor klem*


  4. Eli Said,'> 2:51 PM

    Så mange flotte layouter! Har kost meg med å kikke på detaljer på hver enkelt av de og du er virkelig en kløpper på å leke deg og få frem det beste i alt du lager! Ønsker deg og hele familien din en riktig god nyttårsaften og alt godt for det nye året. Håper det blir mange anledninger til å treffes og finne på moro :) :) KLEM


  5. gudrun Said,'> 2:57 PM

    Hærlige og vakre LOer alle sammen Ania. Keep up the good work!! Og GODT NYTT ÅR til deg.



  6. Solfrid Said,'> 2:59 PM

    Såååå mange flotte LOer fra i år! Gleder meg til neste år og se hva slags spennende ting som kommer fra din kant... :)
    Godt nyttår til deg og dine!


  7. Kari Said,'> 3:01 PM

    Nydelige, friske, fargerike og lekne LOer!
    Godt nytt år!

    Klem fra Kari


  8. Stacy Cohen Said,'> 5:51 PM

    Fantastic pages!!! I love your style!


  9. Murphy's Law Said,'> 7:08 PM

    oooooooooooo very fun lo's enjoyed each one!!!


  10. Maya Said,'> 12:59 PM

    Fantastiske LO's alle som en. Digger stilen din og at alltid LO'ene er så friske og fargerike. Godt nyttår :-)


  11. Theresa Said,'> 4:04 PM

    wonderful layouts. I loved looking at them all. =)


  12. Mette Said,'> 6:54 PM

    Åhhhhh vad mycket fint du gör! Din stil är helt underbart häftigt härlig!!!!!


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