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~~ Sneakin’ in non-Christmassy-stuff ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, December 13, 2009

Today I tried to wrap up some Christmas-stuff I’ve procrastinated way too long…above is three of the stuff I managed to do today – love using 3ndypapir for the Christmas-treats. Love the look of the papers, makes stuff look like, cozy and stuff :)

The whole sunday-craftiness-stuff came to a rough halt though when I realized I was missing stuff to continue. Stupid. Anyways, it meant I got time to do tonights Pencil-Lines after all. Yay!

So I whipped out some Hambly-stuff – pink “Le Romantique”, black “All Mixed Up”, transparent white “Mod Circles” and cut-outs from both the paper and transparent version of “Elephants in a Row” – and slapped’em all on some lovely bright green bazzill. And some Kaisercraft-gems, ofcourse, considering we’re still supposed to show off the Kaisercraft-sponsorshipstuff, only that I haven’t gotten mine – lost in the mail for 3 weeks – bleh :( I love the KC-gems though, so have a bunch of’em here.

Check out what the other girls did along with this weeks guestdesigner Mel Nunn :)

As usual – no “room” for journaling so hid it behind the flappy photodisplay. Yay.

Now. Excuse me while I try to wrap up the rest of the remaining Christmas-favor-gifts the next two days. Falalala or somethin’ like that :p

6 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Sneakin’ in non-Christmassy-stuff ~~'

  1. Eli Said,'> 4:18 PM

    Falalalaa! What`s up you?! Ser jo ikke snurten av deg lenger. Ble ikke mye av den skumringsfotograferingen vår *fnis* Kos deg med pakker og styr - og nyt de siste førjulsdagene. Bare 10 dager til jul! ;) :) *klem*


  2. Sasha Farina Said,'> 9:33 AM

    love the three tags on top. you rock girl.. and while it may be awkward, pls kiss yourself for me. LOL.


  3. Manon Keir Said,'> 10:44 AM

    *sigh* so gorgeous Ania, love it :)


  4. Pia Said,'> 4:21 PM

    Herlig! Elsker den hambly-layouten din! Og lekre julekort/gavelapper du har laget!


  5. On my way... Said,'> 2:40 PM

    LOVE your Pencillines take, glad I came to have a better looksy, that flat is kewl :D :D



  6. On my way... Said,'> 2:40 PM

    ooops! fla"p" ;)


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