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~~ Pictures from a workplace ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I like walking to work.

You can get sort of interesting pictures early in the morning and stuff.
I’ve often thought that I need to try capture more photos early in the morning (the golden hour?) but in reality, I’m too lazy to get up that early just to take some piccies (lousy photog – yeah). But with work & the time of the year – when the darkness makes things sort of more interesting….well – I think it’s cool snapping pictures now and then while strolling.

I was halfway to work when I noticed the large arrow and decided to go back and snap some more.. :p

We got the Christmas-tree up today!

Although people in the paper (esp the journalists) are used to have their mugs in the paper I’m not really comfortable putting pictures w/them on the blog. Not yet anyways *cough*. Hence the boring before&after pictures w/o anyone in them :p The tree is situated in the middle of the (round) house – at 2nd floor.


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  1. Sasha Farina Said,'> 6:24 AM

    super cool photos Girl!!!<3 <3


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