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Posted by Ania On Wednesday, April 14, 2010
At the local, scrappy version of Eurovision (I explain more about it in the post before this one) we’ve arrived at challenge #3 – to scrap a layout containing parts of the lyrics of last years winner, “Fairytale” by Alexander Rybak, as the title of the layout.
I decided to whip up my Fancy Pants Designs-stuff, an old self-portrait (sort of – I hate taking photos of myself – I seriously admire those who do that like, all the time, and always get such wonderful, awesome results. Myself closeup? No.Way. My legs, or some cute/awesome shoes however – no problem! ;p)
Anyways. Here’s my result, using part of the lyrics from the song as the title/journaling.
fairytale Materials used: Fancy Pants papers, rubons, ribbons, sticker (star) & button. Bling: KaiserCraft. Letters: American Crafts & Adornit. Gold rubon: Hambly.
Short blogpost.
Will compensate by sharing some photos from a recent trip (well, made during the Easter) to Damsgårdsfjellet (starting at Laksevåghallen, if you are familiar with the area. One hell of a trip uphills! Too steep for my taste, but all in all, a nice, not too long hike)
DSC_6434a DSC_6436a DSC_6444a DSC_6452a DSC_6455a DSC_6465a
I dunno how it is where you live, but at pretty much all the mountains/tops around here there’s posts where the local trekking/hike association supply books & pens so people can sign themselves in w/name & date/time, as a small “proof” that they’ve been there. The kids loves finding these & sign themselves in. DSC_6484a DSC_6488a DSC_6500a
Our goal for that trip - marked in red. DSC_6503a
The great thing about Amalie is that despite being able to pout & whine in between, she’s quite competitive – she wants to be the one in the lead. So as long as we allow her to walk first (or usually, tell her to take turns w/her bro being in the lead) she’ll be one happy & enthusiastic hiker.DSC_6529-Edit The kids got these bottles for Christmas – love them – customized Sigg bottles w/names and all. We gave these to our kids+nephews&nieces.
DSC_6532aI’m not too fond of this kind of nut-mix myself, but for hikes? Awesome & yummy :)

Have a wonderful week :)

Title: “Bring me Down” - Lenka

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  1. Lizzie Said,'> 10:21 PM

    Yay! That layout is awesome and cool... I just love the mix of the photo, the panel with cut-out shapes and coloured paper behind, the bright yellow word...the dark navy blue and the red & white floral paper - it all just comes together to make a fabulous scrap page!

    Your children looked very happy in those photos. You certainly live in a lovely place and it looks as if you had a great day out.


  2. banglamarie Said,'> 11:06 PM

    Koselige turbilder!! og lekker layout!

    -og ja, du må jo ha en veske med din avis ;o)


  3. On my way... Said,'> 2:40 PM

    Gorgeous LO, truly inspiring, I've so gotta take a "self-portrait" like that!

    And what beautiful photography - we don't have anything like that around here, but we do have some beautiful beaches, consequently there's alot of white sand and blue water in my photos, lol - would love to have the opportunity to hike through a place like that though...!



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