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~~ Peeks (photosession!!!)…. ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, April 29, 2010


First – quite a few fun stuff happening this weekend blogwise – with both Hambly (see above) and with Pink Paislee. I wouldn’t miss the fun if I was interested in scrapbooking ;p


Second – here’s some peeks from tonights photosession, taken at Ole Henriks photostudio once again. Ronny & Silje had seen my prev photos of Ronny + the studiophotos taken two weekends ago, and wanted me to shoot them for her upcoming birthday. Promised this couple I’d have a few peeks up at the blog while they wait for their CD with the rest of the photos…enjoy your peeks!!



Mmm had to have a few jumpin’ shots – only they didn’t get to jump too much because of a slight accident ;p (naa, they’re fine…a certain pair of pants might not be, though ;p) DSC_7977a

Played some w/editing here – hmmm – not sure what I think of this hue..lovely photo nevertheless :) DSC_7985

Aww look at that look they’re giving each others :) DSC_8021a

Mmm sorta mellow. Me like. DSC_8074

Dance, dance! DSC_8088

Backflip her!
(Ps, not quite sure how to edit these photos, as I’d edit the background out but then I’d loose the movement-trails that goes outside the background-sheet, hmm…anyone got any suggestions?)  DSC_8131 Played some more w/the editing – thought this kind of editing fit w/the motif & attitude – maybe not too flattering, but pretty cool imo. (Thanks for being such a sport ;p)


Had a very fun evening, thanks so much for your time Ronny & Silje (and Ole Henrik)!!

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  1. Ann Hedvig Said,'> 9:33 AM

    Stilige bilder Ania!

    Ha en riktig god helg, og lykke til med fotograferingen i morgen!



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