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~~ a 3ndy layout & a confession ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just love this blue, flowery, gorgeous paper from Gudruns collection (3ndypapir)! I simply had to scrap it when she was so kind enough to offer us her own papers at the crop this weekend...I added Mari's vintage-papers & a lil Hambly (behind the flowers) from Celines RAK aswell :) Oh, and I sprayed the vintage-papers with some gold & walnut gold spray. Yumminess!

Ps! Is this just sad or yucky or just plain weird...
when you suddenly realize that the actors you might possibly have a sliiight crush on are all so much goddamn younger than you...

I'm old.


6 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ a 3ndy layout & a confession ~~'

  1. Aquarell Said,'> 1:34 PM

    Herlig LO!:)
    Ja, er det ikke morsomt når tiden går?;)
    Ha en fin dag...


  2. Lene S Said,'> 2:06 PM

    Så fin!! Er det de arkene du sprayet med gullspray? Så kult altså!

    Vent til du blir 38...blæh! ALLe er yngre enn deg LOL LOL LOL

    Ha en super dag!


  3. Rita Said,'> 4:45 PM

    For en nydelig side! Digger bildet :)


  4. Anonymous Said,'> 5:24 PM

    OH MY GOODNESS....that paper...I have to have it!!!!!! It is BEAUTIFUL. That LO is so gorgeous and so vintagey looking (Um, is vintagey a word or dod I make it up?)
    Whick actor??????


  5.'> 9:17 AM

    Aaaah, I now what you mean, they are all younger. That's what my mom always said to me. In the beginning all are older, then the same age, and when you realize that those you like are younger .. then you get old. Lol, that's hard! ;)

    Love the layout, Ania, and I love the sprayed vintage papers. What kind of spray did you use?

    Have a fantastic day!


  6. gudrun Said,'> 10:15 AM

    ÅÅÅåååååååååååå, så kul LO! Blir så glad når jeg ser arka fra meg i bruk. Og tusen takk for en kjempe-kjempe-koselig kveld hos deg, Ania. Det var SÅ gøy å bli bedre kjent med deg. :)
    ...ja, jeg er en pygmé..... LOL
    Masse, masse kule bilder i forrige post også. :)
    Kunne jeg tigge noen av dem?



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