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~~ Pencil-Lines & D300 ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, April 20, 2008


I'm back home from Stavanger - had a lovely weekend with nice ladies not biting my head off w/my classes and stuff - yay! :D Esp thank you Xstine, Trude Julie & May Lis (and Mari - but she ran off to Prague after a few hours that lil bugger..ahwell..I have a new BFF in Maja so there! ;) ) for taking good care of me this weekend - I think I've put on 3kgs at least :p We even went shopping & photosessioning!! I'd share so much but atm I am really really exhausted - I seriously don't get how teachers like Céline pulls it off travelling almost every week and stuff...such a stamina cause I am so tired and about to hit bed atm!!

So. Quick post to announce the Pencil-Lines of this week (YAY for my old faves 7gypsies! Love this paper! The additional stuff is Love, Elsie) & to say that after having had hands on experience w/D300 (Xstines) I.MUST.HAVE.IT.FOR.REALS!!!!!! I am so in love. I know it's the perfect camera for me (apart from D3 but hey I'm tryin to stay realistic!) and I soooo want it. Who wants to be my sugardaddy!?!?? Or mommy, at this point I'm reeeeally not picky :p Email meeeeee...keke ;p

Ciao ~ I'm signing off to bed now..

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  1. Eli Said,'> 8:08 AM

    Så bra helgen i Stavanger ble topp :) Vi har stoorkost oss på hytta; du skulle ha vært der! Kanskje neste gang! :) Klem, E


  2.'> 8:34 AM

    So glad to hear that it all went well, but no surprise! :))

    Beautiful layout again, your work always amazes me!

    And I hope that you can soon buy your lovely camera, I am trying to save some money for a new camera too, but for me it's the Canon 5d. :)


  3. { Kristina } Said,'> 11:07 AM

    Nydelig layout! Liker godt måten du har stilt opp bildene på. :)


  4.'> 12:23 PM

    stunning layout hun!


  5. Anonymous Said,'> 12:02 AM

    Sounds like you had a great trip with lots of wonderful people...and good food. I'm with you on the traveling, I wouldn't be able to do it ALL the time, besides I HATE to unpack...hehe1
    LOOOOOve the lo. Awesome colors.


  6. Sri Said,'> 3:53 AM

    Love, Love this LO!


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