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~~ Final Class Peeks ... ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Shadowbox-templatekurset :)
Denne er for sykurset ;)

Some more peeks for this Saturdays class in Stavanger - yes - I finally got the last samples wrapped up :) The layouts & techniques has been planned for a long but I am such a procrastinator when it comes to actually executing & creating them :p But!! I am soooo looking forward to this weekend.....all I have to do is to survive two days as a single-mom as my husband is leaving for Berlin today (he keeps teasing me - Stavanger - Berlin...Stavanger - Berlin...I win!! Pffttt..) for workrelated-stuff (my ass...apparently they only have one day visiting a school and spending the rest playing tourists...).

Buuuut I'm not complaining cause I get to go to Stavanger :D :D :D

Late last night Amalie suddenly just threw up a LOT... yuck.... meeeessy... so she stayed at home with me today just in case (she's been remarkably well all day). We spent some time mother-daughter bonding, dancing to Britney Spears, painting our nails black (yeah..she IS cute with her black-polished nails HAHA) and small trips around the house :p

Speaking of girls and nailpolish and stuff...have you seen this new trend? Ugh. Me no like - not the way it's portrayed in here, all serious and all... I mean...we all have been guilty of borrowing our mothers lipstick and nailpolish and dressing up for fun..and I can understand the cases where there's like, lots of acnes and real problemskin...but this?? Ugh. Even Tesco in the UK are selling pushup-bras for seven and eight year old - helloo?? Let the children stay children for as long as they can uh?

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  1. Oddbjørg Said,'> 3:19 PM

    Herlig herlig herlig. Gleder meg veldig til du kommer til Stavanger
    ...og *smiler* igjen


  2.'> 3:50 PM

    the classes look fab!
    and yes i quite agree about kids growing up to fast, izzy said to me the other day "dont' mess with my style mum!!!"


  3.'> 8:51 AM

    Those sneaks look fantastic, I so wish I could be there. :)

    And I hope your little one is feeling better! Gabriel wanted some black nails some time ago too, hehe. He's a rocker. ;)


  4. Unknown Said,'> 4:10 PM

    Yuck, I hate when my kids get the pukes!!! Hope she feels better soon. As far as makeup on 10 year olds, the answer is just NO for me! My dd is 13 and in middleschool and I just this year let her wear only lipgloss and a little bit of eyeshadow - and that was rough for me to allow. But she is growing up and I wore makeup at that age.


  5. Anonymous Said,'> 6:58 PM

    Wow Ania, FAB sneaks!! they soooo leave me wanting to see you lil tease! ;)


  6.'> 1:31 AM

    enig i at barn skal faa vaere barn, er helt sykt aa se 10 aaringer her med mini skjoert, og push up's! For ikke aa snakke om sminke i hele ansiktet! huff.

    Kos deg MASSE i stavanger!, er spent paa aa se om du lar Christine faa komme naer deg med saksa :p

    Skulle oenske jeg kunne vaert der! Kanskje neste gang? :)

    <3 klem!


  7.'> 11:35 AM

    Dette kurset ser utrolig spennende ut. Synd Stavanger er så veldig langt borte fra Amsterdam, LOL. Håper det er greit at jeg legger inn link til din insprierende blog på bloggen min....



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