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~~ Five Faves Friday!!!! ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, September 19, 2008
I've told myself to join Denas Five Faves Friday for a good lil while now (ok, for months!), but never really taken the time to actually do so. But. Today I am! :)

So here we go...

1.'s Christmas-collection.
I am a bit sad. I have to cut into one of the gorgeous Christmas-papers from 3ndypapir, "snøstjerner". There's a lot of gorgeous patterns in this collection, and this is one of them. Sigh. So not fair! Not sure if it was worth it either, am not finished with it yet :p

2. Glimmer Mist
It's been a longtime love for me (can you at first spray??) and I am very happy to share that I'm now a Tattered Angels Educator :) Yay :) I am really excited about that, as well, duh, I love Glimmer Mist and can't wait to share the love with you too!! :)


I am an impuslive girl when it comes to baking. It's like, Ania see, Ania wants, Ania does. Gudrun posted a cookie-reciepe the other day and I just had to try it. I actually like it more when it's cooled like overnight. If there's any left that is. Cool! Oh, and the cookie monster is cute!! :D

4. Marit Larsen!! Turns out I actually might have a shot at attending her concert in Oslo in November! YAY!!! I'm so there and I hope some of you scrappy ladies will be too :)

5. Gossip Girl and Entourage. Need I say more??? =) (and holy crap did anyone watch the last ep of Weeds??? When will that show be back on again!! And yay House is back! And so is Dexter!) Hm ok. I guess this part should be dedicated to TV shows in general :)

Oh and I HAVE to add a 6th point just for today:

6. YARR!!!! The International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!! This is for my friend who loves to talk like a pirate after a couple of guinnesses. And even when not :p Still I'm the one who's had to remind him about this day for the last what, 8-9 years. Anyways. I think I'll celebrate this day with some rum. And coke. Yeah.

6 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Five Faves Friday!!!! ~~'

  1. Kathrine Said,'> 1:13 PM

    For en morsom post! Jeg lar meg nesten inspirere.


  2.'> 12:47 AM

    cool fav's Ania! I've been meaning to join Dena's Friday Favs too! Such a cool idea.


  3.'> 4:58 AM

    i've always wanted to try glimmer mist stuff


  4. Sonja Said,'> 7:34 PM

    Alltid artid å besøke bloggen din!
    Gratulerer som Tattered Angel Educator!!


  5. Unknown Said,'> 9:54 PM

    Well congratz on being a Glimmer Mist Gal!!!!


  6. Dena Said,'> 5:15 AM

    Ahhh how did I miss this?!?!?
    I looooove Dexter too. That is one of my all time fave shows. And it love it love it! Are you watching True Blood as well?
    So glad you joined in the party. if you do it this week let me know ok!


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