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~~ Pencil-Lines #102 ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, September 15, 2008

Sketch #102 was penned by the talentful Christine Middelcamp, and was such a fun sketch to play with :D I mixed some MM, Sassafras, Prima and BamPop for this one. Don't get mad at me now mom -love ya! She's totally addicted to her cellphone teehee...and hey that's documentable too no? :)

This weekend...I've rekindled w/rum&coke (yumminess)...I've made plumjam...(jam made of's called plumjam isnt? Hm. Sounds funny to me.)...I've given away said jam to my husbands grandparents (good deed of the weekend done - check, check)... made acouple cards and a mini for Luxe Designs..will share soon... been awed by the sheer amount of talent that's in the TD gallery at Bad Girls... oh, and look - Kerry Lynn just opened her Kenner Road kitclub!! :D It's pure Vintage Heaven - mmmm!!

She's having a giveaway where she asks for people to share about the streets they lived on (HURRY OVER to her blog and enter for the giveaway too!!!! Ends monday time I guess :) )... well..I loved the street I grew up on..or well, the name of it kinda. See, it's called "cloister street" in Norwegian...don't ask me why, I don't think there were any monasteries around there in the old days...?? Anyways...the best thing about the adress?? The zip-code. 0666. Yeap. Oh-six-six-six. Hahahaaa...loved my adress ;) It got a part of both heaven and hell in it ;p It sure made me proud of my adress - apart from when I was gonna pronounce it to see, "six" in Norwegian is pronounced like "sex"....oh fun to pronounce the zipcode...I used to blush and stumble a tad *cough*...but hey, I was and am still proud of my adress :) And it's still my home -I kept telling my children "we're going home" this summer thinking of my childhoodhome while they were like "ooh we're going home to Bergen??" Can't wait to go home for Christmas :)

Hope you had a nice weekend too :) We're still having this wonderful summer-weather here in Bergen - gotta enjoy it for as long as we can :)

Ps! To those of you who asked about the's the "Søstrene Grene" bronze paint...loooooovesit :D And dang you're good spotting that haha...

4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Pencil-Lines #102 ~~'

  1. Staci Taylor Said,'> 1:57 AM

    Gorgeous layout, Ania, and I love the Luxe layout you made, too! Wasn't that box just the best to receive?? :-)


  2.'> 2:55 AM

    Ann Jo great layout !! Will check that kit club out .....


  3. BabyBokChoy Said,'> 7:12 PM

    Hi Ania, I have been following you and your work on pencilline for so long now, I haven't commented before, but there is a first time for everything! Gorgeous gorgeous layout. :)


  4. Sasha Farina Said,'> 2:29 AM

    *swoon* the colors are so delish!


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