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~~ Sorry ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, September 25, 2008

I know I've been a sucky blogger this week so far and I'm sad about it (cause I really do enjoy blogging). But life's been quite busy lately in between the Warhammer-gaming, various deadlines & scrappy stuff to do and watching Entourage. So. A quick post from me, w/a little Bad Girls Oct-peek as I can't share the scrappy stuff atm.

  • Warhammer: Hm. Didn't like it at first, but kinda think it's okay now. Thought my class was dull (Disciple of Khaine) until I found out@level 10 that I could actually dualwield - yay (don't ask me how come I didn't find out about this sooner. I'm growing old maybe). Actually makes me feel like a ranja again (from EQ) which I think is pretty cool :)
  • LOVE my Oct Bad Girls kit!! Thanks to my awesome postoffice (spot the sarcasm) I didn't know my kit had actually arrived until yesterday, but cracked out two layouts that I really love in three hours! Nice!
  • Gotta wrap up the BG stuff tonight as I'll be gone for another surgery tomorrow and will be unreliable this weekend for tougher stuff than just watchin Entourage season 3 (ok Jeremy Piven is pure genious, SO PERFECT for this role, love the interaction w/him and his wife/mention of his wife, he so deserved that Emmy, yay), popping pills and sleepin (and feelin sorry for myself as usual).
  • I hate my postoffice/the postal system. Two boxes/shipments delayed lately due to missing notifications and a third one almost gone missing but finally on track now. Sniff. But I'm so dependent on them!
  • Did I say I love my Oct kit??????? :D :D :D
  • I've been feeling a bit stuck in the same "style" scrapwise lately. Don't get me wrong cause a lot of the scrappers whom I adore and admire is simply because they're so great when doing their own "signaturestyle", but I get a bit restless when I feel like this. Trying to shake this feeling off me.

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  1. Gladie Said,'> 1:21 PM

    Usj, posten er no herk. Venter på en pakke fra US og en fra Canada - om det er tollen eller postvesenet sin fei må fåglarna vite, men en måned på reisen over dammen føles veldig lenge.... Lekre arbeider du lager, gleder meg til å få septemberkitet, jeg... fremdeles ;)


  2. Catrine Said,'> 1:46 PM

    Åh, gleder meg til å se hva du har laget med oktoberkitet! Det lille du viser frem ser iallefall lekkert ut! :D
    Lykke til i morgen! *klem*


  3. _Kine Said,'> 3:46 PM

    Posten må dø. Så enkelt er det bare.
    Gleder meg til å se hele layouten, dette så skikkelig tøft ut :D


  4.'> 10:35 PM

    great photos! and i love your blog!!!

    ill be back more:) thanks for stopping by mine!


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