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~~ The Monthly Floodgate of Layouts ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, September 02, 2008
New month - new Bad Girl layouts.
Such is the law :p
So without further ado...

I think I love this photo simply because of the übercool time it was taken at.....03.53am. I know, I'm such a dork that normally doesn't get to stay up that late :) Plus, I did have a jolly good time - thank you so much gals&dude :) I do want to edit the other photos from that evening, I actually haven't gotten around to take a proper look at them -- with the pc troubles (wanna know something funny?? Now that my pc is fine, Simens pc decided to die on us! yay!) and the gazillion photos from the vaccay and the priority given to the weddingphotos I just haven't found the time to yet...but soon!!! Anyways -- for this layout I drew inspo from one of the girls at the messageboard - Kataroo :D

Yep. Thumbs up!
The kids were suckers for this candy (pun intended ha ha) Looooooove the flair badges!!!!

Wedding details....from my cousins weddin...
yummy Glitz frostings...(frostrings?? Hm..whatev)

And a lil mini from a weekend at Skaug.

Do make sure you check out what the other girls did this month -- Tracie even borrowed my little Amalie this month and we all lifted layouts from the members at the mb :)

The signups for Top Designer 2008 at Bad Girls is still in progress --- there's over 200 signed up atm- geezus!! The signups will end sometime on Sunday -- so head on over & get your ass to school ;p No pain no gain uh?

In other way I'd get my husband to pose like that! *snicker*

8 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ The Monthly Floodgate of Layouts ~~'

  1. gudrun Said,'> 11:37 AM

    Å, så masse kule greier du har lagd, Ania!! Hærlig å titte innom bloggen din. :)
    Og så UTROLIG GLAD jeg ble for å se fuglearket på Pencil-lines-LO'en din, da!! Kjempegøy! Og tusen, tusen takk for de GODE ordene. :) Det varmer.


  2. Aquarell Said,'> 3:17 PM

    Kjempeflotte ting du har kreert.:D
    Gleder meg skikkelig til å få dette kit'et, det ser skikkelig herlig!
    Takk for koselige kommentarer i bloggen min, forresten.


  3. Kim Said,'> 4:07 PM

    I'm so loving the 3:53 layout. The papers are just supa awesome.


  4. Anonymous Said,'> 9:38 PM

    Great layouts! love them!

    Congrats for the Fancy Pants DT!




  5. Cari Fennell Said,'> 12:39 PM

    you rock Ania! Your layouts are fabulous!!
    xoxo Cari


  6. _Kine Said,'> 4:25 PM

    Alt her er bare helt diggbart! Og jeg vurderer egentlig å spise de puffy thickersene, faktisk.


  7.'> 7:02 PM

    love all your bad girl work....that little mini is stunning!!!


  8. Sasha Farina Said,'> 9:12 AM

    love each and everything Ania!


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