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~~ Five Faves Friday & a Hambly layout ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, October 03, 2008

  • Hambly Screenprints.
    Yes yes yes. I know. I had them as fave last week, and I'm having them as fave this week again!! Before I got involved with them as DT-member the word "Hambly" made me think of transparencies and rubons only. I knew they did papers too, but that was like, well, paper, I was more interested in their transparencies. Well. I have to say. Their papers really really really have won me over now that I've got them here irl. Esp their Gorgeous. Like. Pink ink on bronze metallic this vintage plaid one on the layout above (I know it looks very dark on the picture but it's shimmey bronze and I looooove shimmery things!) or this classic grid one. *swoon* The metallics is so shimmerey. It bears repeating! Lovesit! Or metallic gold on white paper. So elegant! And their monocromatic papers are so pretty, like these! And I love anything with kraft. *sigh**smile* :D
  • Scenic Route.
    I really shouldn't complain, but I kinda feel a bit sad if I haven't gotten around to use a manuf I love in a while for various reasons. So I was really delighted to get the chance to use it several times this week. Yay! (I guess only scrappers understand this lol). Oh, and just for fun....these are my SR faves...Sonoma, Providence, Ashville (see a trend....all three LOVELY colorpalettes....sigh)...Newport was one of my first loves from SR and Brighton/Belleville one of the fave Christmas paperlines ever...Charlotte..never got around to use it much but I loved it....Cape Town and Salem...SO COOL! Laurel, Loveland, the pinkreds here.... ah *sigh* :) And I LOVE their grid/basic papers!! Really. Need to scrap SR more :)
  • Rose Moka
    I sosososo *heart* them!!! I'm so thrilled that Bad Girls are featuring them bigtime in their Octoberkit as it's the first time I got to play with them and I wasn't disappointed - it only made me love them more!! Been lurking their blog for a good while and I just have to say..what is it with french people (or well, french-speaking people as they're Canadians) and colors and patterns..they totally rock!! (Rouge de Garance anyone??) :D
  • The cute "My little Pony" stickers from Nille, as shown above. 10NOK for a bag of pure cuteness!!! (100 stickers :p). They also have "Cars" (which Amalie got and spent in just an hour or so :p) and "Disney Princesses". Just wish they had Hello Kitty too :)
  • Woodgrain or zebrastripes. Oh yeah tbh I didn't get all the fuss about these. So what, another fancy thing kinda. But really, it has grown on me (as things usually do when I keep seeing them over and over again). Rose Moka, Hambly Screenprints, Sassafras....they all have this amazing print. Lovesit! :D

Oh, and the layout above. Love this photo. There's something so artsy and precious about such this point of view (hm am I using this expression in the correct contex here?) & the soft blurriness of the photo. It's my cousins daughter who was a flowergirl at their wedding :) I think I ougtha cut that blue pompomribbon though, so it only runs below the photo and not over, hm?

Oh and one frustration...I LOVE Marit Larsen..I was soo ready to purchase her new album at two days ago...but as I hadn't registered at bokkilden before I wasn't allowed to purchase downloadable stuff for 24 hours.....riiight (what a stupid rule ><). So I waited...didn't find my ccard yesterday. Bleh. So today - found it - was about to purchase it but um, suddenly it's like, nowhere to be found (the old link just said this item is not for sale/can't be found) -- maybe they found out they did a mistake (as the album isn't supposed to be out before Oct 13th or so). Totally suxxor. (But I did grab a free "if a song could get me you" download instead). Found out that had her whole album for sale for like 6,25£ which is pretty cheap - cheaper than - registered, placed the album in the shoppingbasket and proceeded - only to get this message: "This item can only be purchased if your credit/debit card billing address is in the UK." Excuse my language but WTF???? I WANT MY MARIT LARSEN ALBUM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gaaah!!! *not happy*

And tbh it feels quite silly because there's no denying it's easy to obtain music without having to pay for it, so making it harder for people who actually want to pay for music (make them wait 24hours before they can purchase downloadeable music if they are newly registered / not allowing people from other countries to purchase)...well...they're lucky I actually love Marit Larsen so much that I'm still gonna try find a way to get the album legally like, NOW.. *edited* ok checking around it looks like the stores have realized their mistakes and put the album on preorder/removed them. *sigh* Guess I'll have to wait two more weeks.. *sniff*

On a brighter note. The planetickets to Oslo and my classes at Bikuben are booked and ready -- and I made sure I would be there in time to be able to attend Marit Larsens concert at Parkteateret!! YAY!! Anyone wanna join me?? :) :)

Oh and I have to my newest Hambly DT box yesterday with all the new releases in it...and Allison attached a number of retro stickers from Hambly to all of us...for our children/fun. Nice eh? :) Needless to say Amalie was beyond thrilled about this. Wanted to use them all at once. I told her I'd make her a minibook she could have these stickers in. I made a quick one (although it would have been way quicker without Amalie bugging me every 20 second asking impatiently "is done?" "is done mommy?" "now mommy?". Well, at least she was even more thrilled when I finally was done....totally loved the mini (I even used the pink bicycle-transparencies on it too), slept with it in bed and insisted on bringing it to the kindergarten today. It's really nice that something so quick and easy can brighten her up that much :)

Nuff babbling.
Have a nice weekend :)

9 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Five Faves Friday & a Hambly layout ~~'

  1. Anonymous Said,'> 8:55 PM

    At man ikke kan handle musikk over landegrensene er det største k*ddet jeg har vert ute for. Eneste lovlige alternativ for en nordmann er å handle fra en norsk musikkbutikk? Og finner man ikke det man vil ha der, så får man det ikke? Fatter ikke hvorfor, men jeg hadde i alle fall samme problemet da jeg tidlig i sommer ville ha siste Coldplay-plata - lovlig - som MP3-filer. Men det kunne jeg bare glemme, den var ikke å få tak i. Så det ble ulovlig nedlasting istedet ... Det blir for DUMT!


    Anonym i dag ;)


  2. Dena Said,'> 11:13 PM

    I WANT that pink/black paper! OMG that is GORGEOUS Ania! That layout is amazing.
    Awesome list this week and I really enjoyed the Rose Moka too :)
    have a fab weekend.


  3. Lilo Said,'> 12:20 AM

    Wow! Du gör så mycket fint! Hambly gillar jag också, även om jag inte har så mycket av dem. Än...
    Måste kika lite på Bad girls kit nu i oktober.


  4. Anonymous Said,'> 5:10 AM

    Love your fav's Ania! that Hambly is to DIE4!!! YuM! Your layout using it is TOO Adorable!!!!!!!! I didn't think I'd like Rose Moka, but it was SO FUN, glad it was in the kit too! :)


  5. _Kine Said,'> 10:45 AM

    Fantastisk layout!! Du passer perfekt inn hos Hambly :D


  6. pink4u Said,'> 6:56 PM

    {Love} your Blog Ania...
    That Hambly is soo pretty...beautiful layout!!!
    I really enjoyed you Friday Faves!!
    Have a great week!!
    Take care:)


  7.'> 4:59 AM

    awwwww i do that with adin... i make him lil sticker books all the time and he loves the stickers for a good week... then I start to slowly find them on my walls and bathroom floor... not fun anymore!


  8. Anonymous Said,'> 9:21 AM

    OMG cracking me up with the album .... i am on a Hambly kick and loving them too . I LOVE LOVE that first layout, so stunning . You go girl !! Your pics are so super cute too !! Hope you are enjoying your weekend :)


  9. Anette S Said,'> 1:02 PM

    Du kan høre en ny sang fra albumet hver dag på En liten trøst i alle fall :)

    Jeg har alltid syntes papirene til Hambly er kjempefine, men ganske dyre. Vellumen er også kjempefin! Tykk og i fantastiske farger!

    Hmm.. konsert på parkteateret hadde ikke vært så dumt. Men var ikke de billettene fryktelig dyre?


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