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~~ I'm outta here!!! ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, October 31, 2008

Off for my first PrimaDonna/Tattered Angels-classes this fall at Papir i Hjertet - butterflies in the stomach (and everywhere else) - check, HEAVY suitcases w/everything in - check (I hope :p), new books to read - sadly no - didn't arrive in time :( - guess I'll buy a photomag or similar at the airport (such a bummer..ordered Fragile Things and Anansi Boys by Gaiman cause it's about time to read'em...I can't really claim to be a Gaiman-fan when I haven't even read those, duh). My Nov BG kit - check (I love kits & crops - it's SO easy to just grab a kitbag and go), lack of sleep because I had to scramble last-minute-style - check.

I'm ready!
Be nice!
Say hi.

And to my friends heading out for Papirfesten -- HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND *sooo* wish I could clone myself!!! Be nice with Trisha! Mwah!

(Oh yeah. Layout. Scenic Route. Love!)
No FFF today sorry!!

AND HOORAY!!! Bad Girls finally crowned their Top Designer 2008, and it was JENNIFER MATOTT who won - such an artsy artsy soul!! And I am so happy to see two of my friends as runnerups, sweet sweet Oddbjørg (so sweet - and with such a BIG talent inside) and Emeline Seet (a fellow MMM09runnerup, yay! :D)!! So happy for you all!! The competition was truly kudos to all of those who attended and those who was chosen as the top 11!!!! (and hooray for the Norwegians doing so well all the time!! :D) The Nov kit reveal is on Monday btw - not today due to Halloween :)

Oh, Luxe is having a Halloween-Giveaway!!

Oh, speaking of Halloween - here's the photo I wanted to save for Halloween!! Played some w/my church-photos from Uppsala, Sweden. Cool eh. Kinda eerie yet comforting.

Have a spooky Halloweeeeeeen!!

Ps! Tessa - re Ålesund - just get in touch w/Familieminner :) The classes will take place Nov 21-24 :)

11 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ I'm outta here!!! ~~'

  1. _Kine Said,'> 9:32 AM

    Ha en super kurshelg! Og neste år MÅ det jo bli Papirfest på oss, eller?
    Anansi Boys er morsom på en bisarr måte (seff). Fragile things har jeg bare lest en novelle i, men jeg har allerede et favorittsitat fra den: "I haven't had time to break my fast this morning". *fnis*


  2. Sasha Farina Said,'> 10:11 AM

    Have fun Girl... you will rock the class!


  3.'> 4:33 PM

    Underbara layout!


  4. Birgit Said,'> 6:49 PM

    Gorgeous LO! Enjoy your classes!!


  5. Karmele Said,'> 10:27 PM

    Great job!!!me encantaaaa!!


  6. Hege Said,'> 2:10 AM

    FLott LO! INnom for å ønske deg og dine en riktig god helg.



  7. Dena Said,'> 8:16 PM

    I cant wait to hear how your class goes! You are going to do awesome. Your layout is beautiful and I hope you have a great time :)


  8. Trine Blix Said,'> 1:48 PM

    Takk for sist - utrolig hyggelig å møte deg!

    ...utfordring til deg i bloggen min ;)


  9. banglamarie Said,'> 9:35 AM

    Håper du har hatt en super kurshelg!!

    (Du har vært savnet i Stavanger!! :) godt det kommer flere år, og flere muligheter!)


  10. Anonymous Said,'> 12:20 PM

    Have fun! Check.

    Bises, D


  11.'> 4:38 PM

    Wow, wonderful layout and photo, Ania! I am sure the class will be amazing!! :)


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