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~~ bored ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Watching paint dry is boring.
I know. "Use your heat gun". But I get too impatient and create bubbles and while bubbles is a cool feat that's not what I want now. So.
I think I'm gonna take a bath while waiting.
It's much better than whining about the stupid P.O. and customs and stuff. Yeah. Even though I do want to whine about them. Cause the P.O/customs is so stupid not letting my stuff go. Or keeping my stuff in "acceptance" for days and days on end. Which is not letting go at all either. On the other side of the sea. The big one. Grr.

HUm. I already did a post w/o photos so.
From one of those boats between Ålesund and here. :p
Been playing some w/levels lately, trying to see if I can figure that one out - like - what color does what to what color how (I have another cool one but I am saving that for a Halloween-post methinks). For the moment being I just do stuff like a headless chicken tho, going "ooh cool" then 2 secs later "uh. what did I just do". I think I need some kind of table or something. Anyone's got one?? I mean. There should be one. It's like, simple colortheory or something like that. I just don't know what to google for.

Ps. Teheee I find this fun. How cool is this+? My very own Fancy Pants gallery-thingie :) Silly I know :p

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  1.'> 11:12 AM

    Aaah, I know what you mean, my packages also always got stuck at the customs. And then it lasts forever until I finally have them, hmpf.

    I'd love to give you a colortheory site, but I don't know one. Sorry!


  2.'> 1:25 PM

    just google for color theory


  3.'> 3:39 PM

    very fab photo and AWESOME on the FP....only problem is now I just want to drool in the galleries!
    hope you are feeling good...sending you lots of hugs!


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