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~~ Lily Bee Sketch ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, May 18, 2012


So, there’s a giveaway going on for those of you who’d like such stuff – this time Glue Arts has teamed up w/Lily Bee & Epiphany Crafts to give away stuff from all three…pretty cool, huh?


I decided to take the sketch provided by Lily Bee with me to a crop with some friends. Struggled some until one of the said friends suggested to just rotate or flip the sketch. Uhm, DUH. Been a while since I worked w/sketch, can’t believe I forgot to do something that simple to look for possible solutions. I’m getting old.576045_3851295801142_1240655338_3685283_926579036_n

So. Got to work with the Handmade collection. LOVES – just right up my alley! And oh, so perfect for these pictures of my nephews baptism!



Cropping w/friends meant that they could take photos of me while doing the tutorials for Glue Arts! Look ma! Two hands! (as opposed to no hands..or at best one hand….)


Added some Maya Road embellishments to the layout, as well as pearls from Want2Scrap.

Yesterday was the Norwegian Constitution Day.


I wore my Østfoldsbunad in the beginning…(no Constitution Day is complete w/o it!)

Sorry for looking blurry & silly. I normally don’t snap photos of myself so I have no idea how to do that right sorta!! Cough.


…before swapping to nice clothes for a bit (the bunad became too warm to wear indoors)…then I opted for regular slackerclothes as soon as the last guests left.


Right. Oh, if you wanna, drop by the Prima blog for just a lil bit. Trudi Harrison lifted one of my layouts, whee!

rosemary Said,

4:33 AM

Hey its cool that you are playing diablo 3 as well! Are you playing with your kids? I hope you are enjoying it... other than the server problems on day 1 I think the game is really fantastic so far. I've had a long history with bliz games too (since warcraft 1)

It’s fun, isn’t? I like it so far – much better than I liked Diablo 2! For us it’s become quite the family activity, haha. I am sharing acct w/my daughter, and whenever I am playing she keeps bugging me…right now she is playing w/her cousin and brother. I don’t recall playing WC1, hmm. I did a bit of WC3 though. But I was more into Diablo & the StarCraft games, and ofcourse WoW later on when it comes to Blizzards games.

2 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Lily Bee Sketch ~~'

  1. rosemary Said,'> 8:40 PM

    Love your take on the Lily Bee sketch, there is so much to look at but it still looks very clean and effortless. Color scheme is fab as usual.
    I've been playing D2 with family (in-laws mostly) since my kiddos are too small. The difficulty seems to increase exponentially in hell mode or maybe its just my bad gear. Its simply too cute that your daughter is bugging you to get off the computer!!


  2. banglamarie Said,'> 11:17 PM

    Nå har jeg kost meg med å kikke gjennom alle de innleggene du har postet siden jeg kikket innom sist. Så mye lekkert du har laget, og mange fine bilder har du tatt! Herlig å se :)
    Ønsker deg gode vårdager! *klem*


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