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~~ Tag, you’re it ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Mkay pardon me for using this silly pun in the title.

But yeah, well. Here’s a tag for you – created w/Prima lushness. I love tags when done right, but unfortunately – despite its small size – I find these hard to create. But I’m getting there methinks…I was happy with how this one turned out, at least! Check out Primas tag installation. LOVE especially the tags from Karola – so so so…lovely! (eloquent, me, mmm..)


Not much happening around here atm. I’m slowly working my way though the CHA-S stuff to be done for Maya Road. Have wrapped up all my obligations for Prima. Tried to get ahead on the new few deadlines for various DT’s, to pave the way for this:


Ahhh. Diablo. I think it must have been the very first *graphic* PC game I played in my youth. Hm. No wait. Heroes of Might and Magic was the first game I became addicted to, but Diablo was the first one where I could play with others. Oh, the countless hours w/Diablo – either played alone, or at private LAN-parties. Fun fun! Never really got into Diablo 2 (can anything really beat the original Diablo??), but now that Diablo 3 is here….. we’ll see…! :)

Also trying to finish editing the photos of my (not-so)recent trip to Oslo, but it goes ever oh-so-slowly…sigh…here’s some of them though…



My oldest niece. Love her room – I think it’s fun to photograph peoples rooms. Hm. It’s a nice idea for a future photodocumentary maybe…


My nephew! Loves!


I got to visit grandma! It was one of the main reasons I went to Oslo for a quick weekend-trip. Love her so much, but don’t get to see her too often…sigh…


Those blue eyes are another good reason…


This trio..


Trying to photograph them all together & nicely wasn’t easy by the way. Ack!


Sis in front of her laptop (duh)


And my sis & mom. Blurry and not a perfect photo, but I hold it dear nevertheless…

Right. The stupid boss in the game doesn’t wanna lie down and die nicely, and I’m tired of dying over and over again so I’m gonna go work on one of the CHA-projects in the meanwhile!!

And I’m supposed to bake a cake for tomorrows National Day and stuff, right!

See yas…

2 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Tag, you’re it ~~'

  1. Aquarell Said,'> 9:14 PM

    Herlige bilder. :)


  2. rosemary Said,'> 4:33 AM

    Hey its cool that you are playing diablo 3 as well! Are you playing with your kids? I hope you are enjoying it... other than the server problems on day 1 I think the game is really fantastic so far. I've had a long history with bliz games too (since warcraft 1)


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