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~~ Tutorial: Pretty pot of roses! ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, May 02, 2012


There’s no denying. Prima makes the most gorgeous flowers out there. And with a ball of styrofoam, a stick of wood (the kind you use for BBQ and stuff), a little oasis (the green thingie you stick flowers into…what’s it called in English….oasis too?), a small pot and hot glue gun….you’ll whip up such a project in no time. And no, it’s not difficult at all….even I managed to create one :)


Start with the pot: paint it white, add glitter to the top border and let dry. Adhere ribbon around the edge.


Stick the wooden stick to the ball, secure with some adhesive. Cut the stems of the paper-roses, keep a small snippet of the stem so it can be used to pin it into the ball. Then just dab hot glue to the bottom of the flower and stick them to the styrofoam. Keep the flowers tight.


Cut the oasis so it’ll fit the pot, poke a hole in the middle for the stick by premaking a hole, dab some hot glue into it before sticking the stick to it (I’m so eloquent today!)..finish by adding more flowers to make up the “ground” and tie some ribbons underneath the ball.


For more, pretty flowerinspiration..check out this Prima-post :) Or this one. Or this. Or this!

3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Tutorial: Pretty pot of roses! ~~'

  1. Grethe Said,'> 10:16 PM

    Kjempelekker!! Og dette er nok en slik potteplante som ikke en gang jeg kan ta livet av!


  2. Bellaidea Said,'> 12:22 AM

    Very, very pretty! If you need lots of beautiful chipboards for the next project try our new blog hop:)
    Have a good luck!


  3.'> 12:25 AM



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