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~~ 50 ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, August 24, 2012


No, not me. But a colleague of mine. I’ve actually scrapped her a gift&card once before, but now that the vacation is over & everybody’s back at work I was asked to create her a card from all her colleagues.

I was more than happy to oblige…been eyeing this Prima BAP sketch for August, and thought it would make a wonderful starting point for the card (besides…it gave me an excuse to jump on the sunburst-wagon…love the look :D)


Here’s the sketch by the way…and it’s still time to join the challenge :)



Using a sheet from the Almanac collection as my base, I pulled different Prima-scraps from my stash for the “rays”. To pull a “wholesome” look I dabbed the scraps with distress stain (picket fence) – I totally, totally love distress stain – adds a milky white, sheer (and matte) look to the paper – great to subdue vivid colors with…and add a more romantic look to papers like these.. oh, and I love the canvas butterflies!! Colored it with Glimmer Mist in snow angel (and vintage rose just in the middle – yielding a sort of ombre look…to add to the ombre look I also dabbed distress stain on the tip of the wings, to make them more whiteish after the coloring)


I just love these vintage trinkets from Prima! *sigh* it hurts every time I use one of these….but as I am telling myself….stop.this.hoarding!


Mixing various flowers…


..and adding little details like this extra folder inside, decorating it with a chipboard-word.


Yasmin Said,

11:28 AM

Ååhhh.. så nydelige baby bilder du har tatt.. Det er noe magisk med bebisser det er helt sikkert.. Jeg digger måten du skriver i bloggen din.. Du snakker rett fra hjerterota. Det er herlig å lese! :)


Ja, og tusen takk! :) Synes nå ærlig talt engelsken min er blitt verre (og at jeg var mye, mye bedre i engelsk da jeg var 20), men jeg fortsetter å knote på det språket lell…


rosemary Said,

6:55 AM

Love this LO, its so classic you! Btw, which camera did you bring on vacation with you? Your shots are incredible :)

Thank you so much! I brought my Nikon D700 with battery grip & my go-to-lens 24-70 f/2.8 fitted to it.

Last vacation I decided to skip it, and just rely on my Fuji x100 and iPhone, which was a great freedom (not having to lug that big&heavy camera) but still…I haven’t really practised much w/the x100 so I wasn’t entirely happy w/the results (loved the iPhone pictures mostly taken w/the Hipstamatic app tho). So to sum it up….well…I thought that maybe when I grow old I’ll wish I had better pictures from the vacations taken and stuff… so..

Having the D700 along was great, I really got to take the pictures I wanted to take. Having the hubby help carry the bag every now and then helped as well (he was surprised at how heavy it was…and yet, I carried it 80% of the time :p).


Psst. Am totally hooked to The Newsroom atm! :D how ‘bout you…any great shows out there worth checking out? :)

4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ 50 ~~'

  1. banglamarie Said,'> 11:22 PM

    Du er helt rå på kort altså!
    WOW så lekkert 50års-kort!!


  2. rosemary Said,'> 5:28 AM

    Hey Ania, thanks for answering my question. Your card is lovely-- very Prima-esque, if that makes sense...

    Wrt to great shows, I don't get much TV time. But I have recently gotten into watching translated Korean dramas, esp this one

    It brings back fond memories of the mid/late '90s even though I grew up in US and its based in Korea.


  3.'> 12:49 AM

    Stunningly beautiful card! I would never put this away! I know what you mean about using things that hurt yourself to give away. I need to stop the hoarding, too! lol


  4. kirsti Said,'> 2:50 PM

    Dette var så flott!
    Ble så fascinert at jeg måtte prøve å kopiere det, men det ble ikke halvparten så fint som ditt!
    Takk for inspirasjonen!



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