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~~ My Wish List ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, August 02, 2012

It’s somebodys birthday soon (as in there’s enough time to order from amazon if you do that now :p).


And although the list of people who actually gives me birthday presents these days are like, counted on one hand (And none of them really reads this blog. Well. Maybe my mom. Sometimes. For the pictures of the kids.), it’s still fun to dream and do some window shopping (is there a word for that for net browsing yet?).


I’d like a few books.

Like one of these books I’ve added to my Amazon Wanted Books list,

like one of these Dalit books (This Norwegian article awoke my interest), or

this book on the Brothers Grimm stories which Neil Gaiman himself has recommended.

Or familiarize myself with the authorship of Ray Bradbury,

or complete my Gaiman collection (omg complete Sandman slipcase set!! although…with the new upcoming book…it means this slipcase set won’t be complete…I guess??).


Gift card for the clothing stores Oasis or Vila (I usually manage to find something in the stores at Telegrafhuset in Bergen).


And I’d like a new photobag. Or two. Wouldn’t mind three actually.

Like this Libby bag in caramel. It’ll hold a 15” laptop (which I admittedly don’t have, but still!), and a pro body….my current one isn’t that ideal for my dslr w/battery grip.

Or the Juju one, I can’t decide. Both look classic though. I like this look way better, but the Libby one seem to have better solutions for stuff, and says it’s for pro body+laptop if I need for work purposes. Both models from Kelly Moore.

(This classic, cranberry croc bag looks great for everyday use, i.e. one body one lens).

Then there’s Epiphanie and the new London backpack. Love that it can be secured on a suitcase handle (won’t be used much, but will be very useful when needed!). Big plus. Can store 70-200 lens. Plus plus! Doesn’t say in the description if the camera+attached lens can be pro body/battery grip body + 70-200 though. Can hold a 15” laptop – cool for work purposes. I do own an Epiphanie bag already (Lola in red), but it’s so worn out (hmm, it’s only 1 1/2 year old… but then again, it’s the only photobag I actually use for everyday purposes…which means I use it a LOT) and lots of pen marks everywhere near the pockets (cough..I always store like 5-6 pen in various pockets in this bag soooo).


Or maybe a medium bone & red leather bag from jill-e?

Although this Jack medium one looks awfully cool. Both bags can be converted for trolley pass-through too. Hm. Yeah. Definitely a Jack one over the bone&red one.

And maybe this one, a laptop career bag – for everyday use (although it looks awfully like a real ladylike bag, and I’m not really ladylike…might dress like one sometimes, but only sometimes…sorta :p).


So. Main contenders seem to be Jack, London and Libby…? Plus a Kelly Moore classic bag for everyday use. Or The latter pictured bag.


Dang. Got carried away. Was more fun window shopping for a new camerabag than I thought =)

And sigh. I realized I really, really want a new camera bag. Or actually, definitely two – one for every day use, and one for travel/extensive work.


Ahwell. Allow me to dream on.

And if you have any of these bags (or book recommendations) – feel free to chip in. I’d like to learn of peoples experiences, esp w/the bags I haven’t seen in person yet.

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