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~~ *dance* ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Love how her hair nicely frames her cutecute face :)
Walking down to the kindergarten with bigbro..
Gah mom can you please stop that so we can move on??
I wanna hit the kindergarten like, today!!
Ok, this one I edited in CS2 but this picture of Amalie and her grandma :)
Kiddo got a new haircut oh yes he did..(yes I know it's a tad uneven *cough*)
Mom, the wind is tickling my head! he giggled while I took some shots.
Ps. if you look at the big can totally see my reflection in his eyes. Haha :)
Oh yes!
Happiness is a new software. How nerdy isn't that! But right now; oh so true!
In this case. Photoshop CS3. Yay! And a number of other programs aswell, like InDesign. Cool! (well *cough* I don't know the rest of the programs). Only missing Lightroom - if it's working like I think it does then I have BIG plans for my photos and stuff. Only if it'll do what I think it'll do (did someone say read the reviews/manuals?).

And I'm so happy my fave actions are working perfectly well with it (well why shouldnt they?). And I absolutely adore the cool boost to Curves - v. neat graphic and I just discovered the presets - I can't recall if they were there in CS2, I guess they must have been but I've always had them at customs and I must say it's so cool and so easy to customize the presets too! (okay, bet they were there in CS2 but too lazy to check now and hey...looking for new feats made me discover them so they're new to me at least!)

And theres the cool (to me useless but cool nevertheless) stuff like counting and ruling. I don't know if they were available in CS2 but they're at least been brought up to the daylight now in CS3. Sometime when I'm more awake and have more time I'll go explore the Adobe site some more and check out the tips and reviews about CS3 and what's new and stuff - they got a number of nice and cool guides, like this how to make sure the colors stays supreme when printing out and stuff. And to learn more about CS ofc - I tend to stick to what I briefly know works and not bother messing around too much.

Go Cecilie!
Anyways. A number of you probably know by now that Cecilie is designing her own digital kits & stuff at Papirloftet. I bought her Grungy Frames and Borders and boy it's so cool! Here's a few samples along with some pictures I edited in CS3 trying to see how things worked etc. And to check that my actions still worked. Yay! :) Way to go Cecilie! :) The frames are gorgeous and totally cool and only 20NOK (3.40$)!

Sharing the wealth (and luck)
Alright. I've been very very lucky lately, winning some SB-stuff here and there. It makes me so happy! But! It would make me even more happy if I was able to pass on this happiness to others. Well, at least one person. I'll let you know more tomorrow (later today). If I'm able to finish this project that kinda goes with this little RAK by then. Next post most likely though. Promise!

Akkurat nå er jeg bare sååå veldig nerdy; jeg er happy fordi jeg har fått meg Photoshop CS3. Weee! Synd jeg er litt veldig trøtt akkurat nå (og har en syk og whiny Amalie som må taes vare på imorgen tidlig), ellers hadde jeg vel sittet oppe hele natta og bare redigert og testet og sånn :D Førsteinntrykket er iallefall kjempebra - veldig behagelig å bruke og jeg er happy for at ting & tang funker i den :) Nå er vel neste steg å virkelig lære seg mer om photoshop da...eller noe sånt.....*cough* :)

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  1. _Kine Said,'> 9:12 AM

    Bilde av Amalie og bestemor er bare helt nyyydelig!

    Jeg tror jeg skal prøve å lære meg mest mulig i CS2 før jeg bytter versjon. Photoshop og meg er ingen god kombo, det blir mange rynker i panna og noen ikke fullt så pene ord innimellom ;)


  2. Catrine Said,'> 10:25 AM

    Så flotte bilder! :)
    Og de rammene til Cecilie er bare kule da - nå ser jeg at jeg virkelig trenger dem jeg og. :P
    Kos deg med CS3, så kult - og så heldig du er! Jeg tror forøvrig jeg har nok med CS2 foreløpig.
    Ha en flott dag!


  3.'> 10:50 AM

    Så nydelige bilder! Og ja, lykke kan noenganger kjøpes for penger - enten det er papir, stempler eller software. hihi


  4. Kathrine Said,'> 12:33 PM

    Jeg bør vel også få meg noe annet enn gimp, som jeg bare har gitt opp å lære..

    Kjempeflotte bilder!


  5. PROLIX Said,'> 2:54 PM


    I love all your pics!!!
    very refreshing!


    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

    Dragon Flaire DT Member


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