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~~ Good morning ladies & gents! ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, June 15, 2007
Why yes I was such a little Angel when I was a kid...right sis?? *smile*
One Little Word: MY
Simen: Oh you love yourself eh
Me: Why YES! ;)

Haha. Yes, I'm in a good mood today. Even though my throat is sore and my ribs ache some I'm in a good mood. I just made my very first set of brushes you see! I snapped a thread about wings on SIStv, but the links provided there didn't have any real nice *angelic* wings....but lucky me swedish Lucy emailed me a picture of one and suggested I'd turn them into brushes. Hmm why not? I had stumbled upon a turtorial a few days prior, and bookmarked it for later use. Funny :) It was much easier than I thought so well, why not share the love? So. With permission by Lucy (who actually made the wing herself. Woah!) Here's the angelbrushes for Photoshop. And here's one for GIMP too! I'm sure there's plenty of similar brushes out there but I'm too lazy to look. And it's something fun about my very own ones ;p (well, technically Lucys but ;) ) I checked and they work in both CS2 and Elements 5.0 at least. You better use the preset sizes, making them bigger/smaller may cause them to be a bit blurry and stuff - hence I made 4 diff sizes - I assume it'll look much better resized if I vectorized them but I'm not quite sure how that works (and I guess I might need illustrator for that which I currently don't have) so blah blah blah.

Ohwell! A layout! I can't help but being inspired by One Little Word. So fun to play along! And I'm slightly in love with 6x12 atm..this is my third layout and second just yesterday soooo.....

Have a nice weekend y'all :)

EDIT: Added a GIMP version for Kathrine & a bigger sized brush to the PS-pack aswell along with a proper readme.txt file crediting the extremely kind and talentful Lucy :)

Haha. Takket være Lucy på SIStv fikk jeg tak i et fint engelvingebilde og hun foreslo at jeg kunne gjøre de om til brushes for lettere bruk på bilder mm. Så da måtte jeg prøve da og fikk lyst til å dele resultatet med dere. Om det er lov. Jeg antar det. Siifra om ikke mht copyright og greier....disse brushene funker for CS2 og Elements 5.0, for det har jeg sjekka så det så =) De kommer i tre forskjellige str og hvis du prøver å gjøre de større/mindre så vær obs på at de da blir littegranne blurry - så det er best å bruke en av de presetstr. Her finner du iallefall vingene zippet for PS og her for GIMP :) Enjoy!

9 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Good morning ladies & gents! ~~'

  1. Kathrine Said,'> 9:52 AM

    Så flink du er!!


  2. Unknown Said,'> 1:33 PM

    Love the angel brushes, your so clever. Awesome OLW layout, the word 'loved' is so cool!


  3. Lynn Said,'> 4:43 PM

    totally awesome layout! Love the brushes too I am off to check them out!

    one little word


  4. Unknown Said,'> 8:50 PM

    so that photo and the wings are awesome!!! love you OLW Lo..very cool!! okay...downloaded the wings and am off to play...thanks!!

    one little word


  5. Catrine Said,'> 10:50 AM

    Så flink du er ania! Og tusen takk for at du deler!
    LO'en din er forresten nydelig! Kul tittel!:)
    Ha en flott helg! *klem*


  6. Josh Said,'> 2:37 PM

    Very cool! First time stopping by...but loved the LO


  7. Unknown Said,'> 5:06 PM

    Found you through OLW. Love, LOVE the wing brush. TFS. Great LO and great blog! kim



  8. Anonymous Said,'> 12:37 AM

    I must learn how to use photoshop,and angel brushes, what a romantic name.


  9.'> 8:02 PM

    Fantastic page! Good to see you back & scrapping with avengence!


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