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~~ Oprah musings ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, June 28, 2007

Oprah and HPV
Wow. So I was watching Oprah and todays theme was about HPV and the new vaccine they've found against it. You know, the virus that's the cause of genitial warts and more importantly, cervical cancer at women. Now, this woman - a doc - claims that uhm, 80? or maybe it was as many as 90% of us would get in touch with this virus sooner or later - but that for the most of us - like 95% I believe - could deal with this virus. 5% of those 90% who got in touch with this virus however wouldn't be able to deal with it tho, and for a much less percentage of those again - it could be the beginning of cervical cancer. Now, this vaccine however, was quite effective - especially if given to young women who yet hadn't had any sexual contact and thus most likely wouldn't have the HPV-virus in their body already. Hence - the docs recommandation was that it should be given to girls aged 10-11 to make sure the vaccine really was at its most effective.

Ok? Follow me? Most of us grownups have this virus already, and for the majority of us it doesn't do any harm at all. For the very few unlucky ones though it's the cause of cervical cancer. And it can all be prevented with this vaccine - especially if taken early enough.

Now. Time for questions from the audience - and I kinda expected the questions to be about the price, about the possible and maybe unknown longterm sideeffects and so on. Nope. Most of the questions was about the fact that the mothers didn't want to give them to their young daughters because it could make them believe they were allowed to have sex. To them, giving this vaccine to their daughters was as if they were telling them yeah go wild now girl.

Hm. Excuse me?
Let's put on a blindfold and pretend the little ones have no idea about sex and sexual contact and stuff. Let's ignore the fact that the vaccine will be less effective if we wait a few more years until we *think* our children are ready to have sex (when will that ever be??). I mean, if they don't know the names of things, it means they aren't able do it. Right?

Well duh. The whole point of giving them the vaccine this young was simply to make sure they did get it when they supposedly were safe. To do your best as a parent and make sure the chance they would suffer (and even die!) from cervical cancer later in their life was as little as possible. Personally, I'd be more concerned about the unkown late-stage effects and stuff - seeing as this vaccine still is somewhat new. But no. It's all about sex and not giving out the wrong signals to your children. My fault. Stupid me.

Ps. I didn't get to watch the whole program - as it was time to cook dinner and stuff. So I only caught the four first questions from the audience. Which yeah, was about that.

TV shows
Personally I've never cared much about TVshows about hospitals and stuff (but Scrubs). But. This one. House M.D. Such a must-watch. Love Hugh Laurie - he's so brilliant and totally perfect as House. All the little facial expresses and the bodylanguage of his...brilliant. Just wrapped up watching the last season, hopefully we'll watch The Shield season 6 soon (although...season 5 was kinda weak compared to the earlier seasons kinda).

No post without picture.. here's one of Amalie. Here she spotted Adrian coming towards us.

Ps. Don't forget the RAK :)

Alt det en skal bekymre seg for. Så på Operah der de snakket om HPV-vaksinen - den mot livmorhalskreft som skal være ganske så effektiv - forutsatt at jentene som får denne vaksinen får den før de debuterer seksuelt. Den funker på oss gamle også - men jo eldre jo mindre effektiv er den. Livmorhalskreft er den andre mest vanlige krefttypen blant jenter altså, og viruset ganske så utbredt at de aller fleste av oss faktisk har det viruset i kroppen - men det er kun hos et fåtall der viruset utvikler seg til å bli kreft.

Anyways. Da det var på tide med publikumsspørsmål så ventet jeg nesten å få se spørsmål sånn som "hva er sideeffektene" "hva er prisen" og "hva med langsiktige konsekvenser" og sånne greier - men neida -- alle spørsmålene (vel, de fire første jeg fikk med meg før jeg måtte lage middag) var om at damene var redde for at de, ved å gi denne vaksinen til sine ti-elleveåringer dermed signaliserte til de at "jada nå kan du bare gå og ha sex altså, for nå er du trygg". Hallo...?? Og dette var hovedgrunnen til at de var svært skeptiske til denne vaksinen....?? Riiight. No comments ellerno. *rulle med øynene*

Jaja. Ikke glem RAK'en ! :)

7 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Oprah musings ~~'

  1. Louise Said,'> 9:03 PM

    Have just had a nosey through your blog and have got to say I love your photos and your LOs... your kids are so cute:)

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog:)


  2. Helle Said,'> 11:18 PM

    Å ja. Sånn er det bare. Skjønner godt at du reagerer. Er det mulig? Og før jeg går inn på lange tirader om hvor irritert jeg blir på sånt, så skal jeg avslutte. herlig bilde av lille snuppa, hun er utrolig søt!
    Ha en fin kveld!


  3. Anonymous Said,'> 11:37 PM

    Aaargh aaargh aaaaargh, det er i samme ånden som at Bush-administrasjonen kun gir penger til kampanjer for å overtale ungdom til ikke å ha sex, og ikke et øre til programmer for å lære dem om safe sex. Det er selvfølgelig best om man venter til man er sikker, men de fleste kommer til å ha sex uansett - da er det bedre at de slipper graviditet og syfilis når de er 15. *grumle* (på den andre siden er jeg litt skeptisk til vaksiner fortsatt, så jeg vet ikke helt om jeg hadde likt at det ble _påbudt_ med HPV-vaksinen. *tenketenke*)


  4. Anonymous Said,'> 7:40 PM

    Kjempesøtt bilde av lilletøtta :o)

    Hehe jeg orker ikke se på operashow engang *flire*


  5. Hege Said,'> 10:01 PM

    What? Er det virkelig mulig...?? Skjønner frustrasjonen din!

    Det er en fornøyelse å besøke bloggen din Ania - nydelige bilder!


  6. Anonymous Said,'> 5:04 PM

    re:oprah show...i don't mean to be rude but yeah sometimes oprah's audience members are so dense!


  7. Jessica Said,'> 8:23 PM

    You have a great blog! I had to comment on the HPV thought- I think that it's a good idea to get the vaccine but at the same time being sure that there is discussion about the fact that while this vaccine will protect against HPV it will not protect against pregnancy and other STD's.
    Dicussions like these take so much more than just a one hour episode though.
    We'll see what happens with the side effects...good thing I have time before my daughter is due.


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