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Posted by Ania On Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Surfin' around I stumbled upon this cool site: Shootsac - a site devoted to some kind of camerabag..or well, a bag for your lenses - so that you can have "3-6 lenses and other shooting accessories safely and conveniently at your fingertips." Now, I don't have that many lenses or a real need to drag the two I've got all around with me all the time or anything, but I totally fell in love with this superchic one: Baroque ....the B&W one displayed in the header or the Jessica Claire one w/pink& can dream no :) The maker of the bags, Jessica Claire, is one superb photographer - you just have to admire her work at her blog here (am fairly sure I've linked to her before - check out her site for the ubercool collection of locks and stuff. Totally stealin' that idea!).

Not much else to share atm - a layout I did for the M-finale and two cute pictures of Amalie - she just got her very first pink sunglasses and totally loved it - hogged it all the way in the store & rest of the day. The next day she put it in one of the drawers in the kitchen and it's been there since. Ohwell. At least we know where it is when we'll need it =)

Ps. Did I mention? I fancy 6x12! :)
And oh. Sometimes I wonder if I should try start spending more time at each LO made. Maybe I'll learn to love them more. Maybe they'll be so much better qualitywise. Maybe I'll be able to find and add that little extra to every one of them. It's like, I'm going from LO to LO so fast at times that I feel like I'm not giving each LO the proper ...uh...respect or honor or acknowledgement or whatever...but then again - I'm weird's just LO's...?? Does the time spent on each LO measure how good or fine or whatever they are.....boggle...sometimes it does, sometimes it doesnt.......or?? Hm. Jeje. I've got funny thoughts sometimes I know...

Ikke så mye å fortelle, men her kommer det en post lell ;p
LO'en her lagde jeg egentlig til ALi E's 20-utfordring - og så så jeg at den passet bedre til M-finalen enn den LO'en jeg egentlig hadde laget til den - der var inspirasjonen veeeeldig tynn :p Havna vel på en 8. plass ellerno, men det var som ventet - LO'ene mine var litt rare og i beste fall average så - og det er helt greit. Scrappingen min går litt i bølger, og avogtil er jeg litt rar (sier noen iallefall *fnis*) - i perioder scrapper jeg masse og er passelig fornøyd og så plutselig sitter jeg og lurer - burde jeg ikke bruke litt mer tid på hver enkelt layout?? "Respekterer" jeg ikke LO'ene tilstrekkelig når jeg bare fyker fra LO til LO liksom?? Burde jeg lagt litt mer omtanke hos den enkelte LO....kanskje LO'ene ville blitt mye bedre og finere og penere bare jeg bruker litt mer tid på de....hmm..... (ja, jeg sa jeg er litt rar avogtil som tenker sånn :p) egentlig lar jeg LO'ene ligge her lenge par timer mellom hver gang jeg gjør noe på de liksom (sånn innimellom alt det andre) - så det drar litt ut sånn pr LO da liksom...hmm... jaja. Obsessed much og definitivt rar :)

5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ whats new ~~'

  1. banglamarie Said,'> 2:16 AM

    Jeg liker godt layoutene dine og synes ikke de er rare men KULE :)
    Liker stilen din jeg ;)

    Kule bilder også!


  2. Hege Said,'> 11:26 AM

    Hihi - det var litt av en selvransakelse:-) Jeg digger imidlertid det du lager!!! Også er du jo en superfantastisk fotograf.


  3. Unknown Said,'> 12:09 AM

    Fantastic layout and I love the bike pic!!


  4. Kathrine Said,'> 12:20 PM

    Hey, så kult det bildet med sykkelen er! Og hvorfor skal du være så glad i LOene dine? :P


  5. Stine Said,'> 9:12 PM

    Så stilig! Både LO og bilder, du tar så kule bilder!! :)


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