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~~ It's soon time!! ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, September 30, 2007
Ooooooh yes it's soon about time to celebrate Pencillines very first anniversary. Imagine - Pencillines is soon one year old! Ha. It seems like it has always been around to me - but I guess that's mainly because I wasn't really interested in what happened "outside" of Norway when it comes to scrapping until - yeah well, maybe a year ago or so. I dunno? Heh.

Anyways! The real celebration doesn't start until tomorrow - so make sure you do drop in then to see whats up.......but until's my take on sketch #52 (see? 52! That's 52 weeks with sketches! Which is a year! Me smart!)

I kinda killed two birds with a stone with this one - this is one of (hopefully) four layouts that I'll use as examples for my class this wednesday. Just one more layout to make for that class :) And ooh I'm sooo getting Tracie-vibes from this layout! I think it's all the spots and dots and the flower which is sooo inspired by her. I *love* Scenic Route but tbh I thought the totally white grid papers was a waste - I prefer the creamcolored backgroundspapers when I use them - but for this - painting and all - it's just too perfect! And I dabbers! yumyum! These are watermelon, cirtus and aqua...and a lil nick van bantock "preussian blue" ink (not very visible in this pic). Other stuff includes SR papers for the alphas and flower, Fancy Pants for the flower aswell and Maya Road chipboardalphas and MM buttons (CUUUUUTE!). HUGE thanks to sweet Emeline Ng for being our guest this week and providing such a great sketch!

Oh and tomorrow's also first of October which means that the Bad Girls DT will reveal their October-layouts. Am *so* excited to see what the other girls have done with the same kit!! :D

Anyways. Finally time to relax some - am staaaarting to catch up. Just starting :) HAVE to share this photo of lil Amalie --- soooo enjoying her sweet lil pressie from Tracie :D A miniscrapbooking-kit :D Awwww thanks a lot Tracie *hugs*!! I think she's oogling the dinostickers Adrian got too, she went totally wild with all the stickers in that kit :D (mommymoment: I'm *so* impressed that she put all the round stickers in a circle then the little star and moonstickers *upon* the round stickers. Such a good & systematic girl!)

PS. Know my cursing about ISO? Well. *drool* Any chance for a D3 this Christmas? Then it might not matter if I forgot to turn it down or not kinda....:p Check out these ISO1600-25600 (*faint*) samples...

Det er seriøst masse som skjer nå i Oktober -- Pencillines fyller ett år og kommer til å feire det med skikkelig masse gøy nesten hver dag i Oktober - you don't wanna miss it! Denne LO'en er laget etter skisse #52 - og nummer 52 betyr jo at det har vært en skisse hver uke i et helt år nå ikke sant? :D

Denne uken skal jeg ha kurs på onsdag - vi kommer bl.a. til å bruke denne LO'en her som utgangspunkt da. Og til helgen er det jo Papirfest i Stavanger -- åååh jeg vet ikke helt om jeg gleder eller gruer meg mest....:p Eneste jeg vet er at jeg er helt *drool* etter kurskitet mitt ;D Yum! Seriøst yum! :D

Ellers skal jeg til Ålesund i oktober og - skal ha workshop en hel helg..så det er jo liksom, to hele helger jeg er vekke fra ungene i oktober...(jippi? :p). Ohwell :) Jeg fortjener det. Så detså. Siden gubben var i London på guttetur denne helgen. Så jeg fortjener begge de to helgene i oktober off PLUSS en masse vin og seffers en gave eller to i tillegg når han kommer hjem ikveld ;p

Ohwell. Off for å scrappe litt til tror jeg :)

6 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ It's soon time!! ~~'

  1. Kathrine Said,'> 8:40 AM

    Så stor Amalie virker!
    Kjempeflott LO!


  2.'> 11:46 AM

    hehhe on the Tracie remark!!!
    Love your spotty title!
    hugs xoxoxo


  3. Kirsten Said,'> 12:06 PM

    LEKKER LO!!!


  4. Tracie H Said,'> 7:29 PM

    LOL! Lovin the LO Ania and what a sweetie scrapbooker Amalie looks in her piccies....glad she liked the kit.


  5. Hege Said,'> 9:55 PM

    Den LOen var flott. Digger den blomsten! Klart du fortjener gave - jepp!


  6. Marta Said,'> 1:30 PM

    Lovin the LO! I make one lift of your page! Thank you for inspiration!


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