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~~ Photoborder ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, September 15, 2007

I promised some time ago to share my photoborder but kept forgetting to; here you can download it. At least I think it should work..? It's zipped and the photo itself is in .psd - so hm, useable with photoshop I guess. All you need to do is to add photos (in their own layers ofc) & remember to keep the borderlayer in the topmost position kinda. And if needed, just use Ctrl-T and shiftkey to resize it to your own preference :) Any questions do let me know :) (and for the layout I used with this photoborder - look at this post)

Now, I made this outta two or three diff. photoborders made by Andrea Rascaglia, so all credit should go to her :)

Have a nice weekend! :)

5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Photoborder ~~'

  1. Lene S Said,'> 12:58 AM

    Tusen takk Ania for at du la ut denne!! Kjempesnilt :o) Jeg tok meg den frihet å laste den ned. :o)


  2. Jill Said,'> 10:43 PM

    Tusen takk fra meg oxo!!!!


  3. Tin Said,'> 6:06 AM

    Hi Ania! I've always been a fan of yours since i discovered your blog. I'm based in the Philippines and scrapbooking is a growing hobby :-) thanks for sharing the photo border, t'was nice of you :-) have a nice day!


  4. Gladie Said,'> 11:59 AM

    Er ikke du en engel! Tusen takk - en sånn en har jeg lengta etter lenge :)


  5. Christine Said,'> 5:02 PM

    oooh! thanks so much for sharing your cool border, Ania! :)


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