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~~ A little confession ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, October 23, 2007
I've gotta admit....the last week's been such a poo one....I've been moody and not too chatty or felt like my usual self.... I mean....I can handle scheduled surgeries...I know I'm not done with these stupid stuff..... still...when thrown out into the prospect of an emergency surgery..... no... I don't handle that too well. Last weekend I was on standby for an emergency surgery, and finally admitted to the hospital on sunday. No biggie really - just a small but needed surgery... it just sucks the whole thing tho.... especially when the doc tells you you can't go home on monday as expected because you had to stay an extra day for the antibiotics IV.. I HATE antibiotics.... yeah yeah I know - it's the good guys on your side helping you and blah blah but I may at least be allowed to say I hate the smell of it I hate it when they have to give you it thru IV it hurts like hell and feels like poison creeiping up your veins....and Ive had my runins with it, messing up my IVs making them have to find new spots to do the IV from....

anyways...Im blathering.....I'm so sorry for my hubs being alone with the kids while I'm gone....especially when I'll be gone again this upcoming weekend teaching in Ålesund leaving him alone once again! Oops!

Ohwell. Normal life resumes once again - I'll be back to normality now that this unexpected bump on the road's done...promise! Just waiting to be taken home from the hospital (have I ever mentioned? Thank god for free wireless networks at hospitals!)..will add some layouts and stuff once I'm back home...I know it's been a while now..:p

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  1. Lene S Said,'> 3:10 PM

    Vil bare gi deg en klem!



  2. Catrine Said,'> 4:19 PM

    En stor klem til deg ania!


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