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~~ Random Saturday ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, October 20, 2007

  • The kiddos really appreciated the candy Silje attached in my mail. They even thought it was fun to continue play with the "eyecandy" after it was devoured :p I have to admit I was VERY dubious wheter to let them have the candy (because I wanted them myself *blush*) but as there were two of each kind I *assume* they were supposed to be for the kids. (so remember: when sending candy to my kids; please gievf too!! =) )
  • I got a "friendship" page from Silje! ♥ :D Silly me forgot to take a photo...will do so soon..along with the other pages in my "friendship"-book - I love it!! :)
  • I don't like hospitals.
  • I like baking muffins! I want to learn how to make real american frosting though! And cupcakes! Are they any different from muffins??
  • Lilo tagged me the other day; I've actually done that one but I thought mine turned out pretty boring and blah compared to others cool reading others answers..why can't I be just as exciting?? :p Soooo I'm not gonna repeat my boring answers - just have a look here if you're curious :p ♥ Lilo! :)
  • I am scrapping. Will share some new layouts & projects soon I promise :) Just getting a bit weary and tired about uploading stuff to a zillion online-galleries all the time. Is it just me or? Hm. Maybe I'm getting bored. Or maybe I should slow down.
  • I still want a D300!! *stomps feet on the ground*
  • The Bad Girls Academy has come to an end and we got a winner...Julie..and not only that, but we've got TWO new additions to the Design Team (Julie and Sri)! I'm so happy - being part of the process of picking only one winner was so freakin hard (I know everybody keeps saying that and now I know it's true :p) I'm so very happy we were able to add two to our DT.. am so excited to get to know them better and see what they will come up with every month :)
  • Speaking of Bad Girls, I went Bad Girl Patrolling last night. Still waiting for a response before I'll announce the friday-winner of the Bad Girls RAK on the forums. (Every friday someone in the DT goes on a BG Patrol - if we spot you with your Bad Girl blinkie on (either on blogs or other forums) you might be the lucky RAK winner :) )
  • Im bummed because I keep forgetting my camera when I once in a while have the chance to take photos of the beautiful lights on the bridge connecting our little island with the mainland. Hrmf.
  • I'm still gutted that Pullo cheated on his wife!! Wtf why!! Men!! (Rome)
  • Amalie is now officially in her Terrible Two's. *sigh* The slightest sign that she won't get what she wants and it's straight on the floor, jumping, stomping, crying...kinda tiresome :p
  • Don't cut your childs bangs yourself. Unless you're a hairdresser by profession I guess.

7 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Random Saturday ~~'

  1.'> 4:47 AM

    aa kjekt du fikk pakken!
    Skal sende dere mer Amerika godteri jeg, med litt av hvert, til alle sammen :)

    Ha en fin helg! :)


  2.'> 6:29 PM

    love the photo of the children, gorgeous


  3. Catrine Said,'> 7:07 PM

    Hihi, herlige bilder!
    Ha en fin søndagskveld!!! *klem*


  4. Barbie Said,'> 10:06 PM

    Awesome pictures.... i love randoms =)


  5. Heidi Said,'> 11:40 AM

    Ha ha Silje må da huske på mammaen når hun sender godteri da!
    Tror jeg har ei oppskrift på sånn amerikansk frosting en eller annen plass?! Også fikk jeg tips om at man kan få farge i pasteform som gir mye mere farge enn f.eks knditorfarge. Vet ikke om det finnes her, men muligen på apoteket?


  6. tovetyll Said,'> 8:33 PM

    så utrolig fine bilder, særlig det første, sukk:)

    har tagget deg i bloggen min, håper deg var greit hi hi

    ha en super mandagskveld!!


  7. Aquarell Said,'> 9:06 PM

    Herlige bilder...:D


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