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~~ Oy Post No. 400 :) ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Been a while - so I'll take the resume-version :)

  • The classes went wonderfully well - had six eager ladies throughout the weekend. Two of them even dreamed about scrapping the first night after we finished (that's a good sign no? for a future scrapbooker? :D) and they all thought the time went too fast and didn't want to stop when we had to close for the evening :)
  • Sneakies for the Bad Girl November-kit!!!! Soooooooo yummy...I'm deadly serious!! I think this kit is my fave so far... *sighs* And I didn't even get to use the most yummiest stuff in the kit for this..!! Will prob do very soon though ;)
  • My Fiskars-layout for Pencillines - that's Eli & her hubby and kids..and my kid ofc...:) Photos from our imfamous pumpkin-hunting (re: pumpkins does not grow in Bergen)
  • I came home to a sick family. Ugh! And I had to finish my Bad Girls-layouts too! hectic hectic.
  • In about one hour... Amalie will no longer have long hair. Photos to come. *here's to hoping she'll still look cute!!!!!*
  • Some photos from last weekend: My pupils & this totally adorable baby: Christoffer!! :D Will add more soon :)

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  1. Camilla G Said,'> 4:46 PM

    oh oh oh så herligt fargerike glimt! Ser virkelig lekent og vakkert ut!
    Gleder meg amsse til å se resten av dem:D
    Lykke til med sykdommen, håper du ikke blir smittet også!!


  2. Anonymous Said,'> 11:13 PM

    Hei og takk for siste, uff vi blir så smeltet å se gutten vår på bildet. Det var så vakker og flott ( mammas synpunkt ;) ) - Hm, han heter Christoffer. hehe... Ja det var sant, at to damer drømte om natten, måtte hoppe ut og si at jeg var en av de to, hehe.Ellers flott blogger :):):)


  3.'> 10:34 AM

    ooo i love all those sneaks hun!
    what a cutie of a baby!!
    hugs xxx


  4.'> 11:05 AM

    Aaah, look at those sneaks! Can't wait to see the rest of it. :)
    Love the baby pics, they're beautiful!


  5. Aquarell Said,'> 12:23 PM

    Gleder meg vilt til å få november kitet! Dette så jo så spennende ut!
    (Når sendes de ut, vet du det?)

    Håper dere er blitt friske og st det går bra hos frisøren... :D


  6. iris Said,'> 5:38 PM

    Wow your sneak peaks look great!!! Can't wait to see the whole thing. It's gonna be wonderful as always I'm sure.


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