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~~ Papirfesten :) ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, October 08, 2007
Pulled the girls over for this...
Jules, Oddbjørg, Ingunn, Kerry & May Lis

Totally yummy!
Stavanger is FULL of houses with COOL colors!
We were lucky; the weather was lovely througout the weekend
Hahahaha we just had to pull over & snap this
Oddbjørg, me and Ingunn - my lovely assistants for my class :)
Thanks for all the support girls :)
My fab students :) Four or so were gone already..had uhm, 16 or so attending my class I think :)
Da gang :)
(unfortunately missing Catrine & Oddbjørg :( )
Wow. Just wow. The retreat proved to be such a so much better experience than I really expected or imagined in advance. You can tell I was a bit (cough) nervous and anxious in advance, but I really needn't worry - the girls I was hanging around with were just so sweet and such a pleasure to hang around with, and I'm so delighted to be able to scratch off a few more names on my "have chatted with in cyberspace but not irl"- list :D And the classes - I'm so thankful that I was allowed to attend the others classes - it was a valuable experience and it's really nice to see the different teaching-styles and how the others do their classes because until now I haven't had anybody else to compare myself with. Ingunn was fab with her class providing valuable theory (which I think was much needed and appreciated from the looks of the ladies around the class) and Kerry Lynns class (I only got to do one, felt sick & had to nap and missed her second class :( ) was very enjoyable - the minialbum-kit was totally yummy and I really had fun & a good time working with the kit. The Bazzill-ladies were really funny and lively and they were so routined that it was a pleasure watching them teach... their class was more aimed for newbies though but I still found it interesting sitting through their class just to have done that kinda class.
I think my own class went well too - at least I got positive feedback from both the attendees and the admins... and I may return to Stavanger sooner or later ;)

Anyways - sharing some photolove....there's more to be found at this Flickr-group (ask Xstine for membership if you have photos of your own you wanna share too) and there's an article up at Minneriket :) Stavanger is an amazing city to take photos at.....while we were walking around I kept finding more and more cool locations for photoshots...calling to the other girls to stop cause I had to take photos.....still kickin myself for not taking photos of the cool blue door w/stairs in the little alley a little below Scrappejungelen :(

Ohwell. Off to upload to Flickr :)

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend ladies & for having me around! :) :) :)

Ps. I got 2 layouts made and 2 unfinished ones. Yay me. Sititng next to deadly talented ladies cropping like no tomorrow ain't no good for your own productivity ;p

8 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Papirfesten :) ~~'

  1. Lene S Said,'> 10:32 PM

    Å jeg skulle så gjerne ha vært der! Ikke fikk jeg med meg Paris, og ikke dette... Da er det jammen fint at man kan ta del i opplevelsene gjennom diverse blogger. Herlige bilder og kjempegøy å lese om din opplevelse av papirfesten!



  2.'> 12:32 AM

    Har kikket paa bildene om og om igjen :) Ser ut som dere hadde det kjempe kjekt!!!



  3. Catrine Said,'> 12:42 AM

    Ja, det var kjempekjekt! :D
    Så mange fine og kule bilder!
    Håper vi ses igjen snart! *klem*


  4. Mari Said,'> 8:08 AM

    takk skal du ha selv du søte dame!
    kjempekjekt å bli kjent med deg!!

    skikkelig kule bilder du har tatt!digger det med mona lisa *fnis*



  5. Anonymous Said,'> 7:32 PM

    looks and sounds like such great fun!!!


  6. mo9ca Said,'> 10:20 AM

    Takk for en kjempeflott helg!
    -og jeg må si, nok en gang, at jeg digger digger bildene dine! Du er helt rå altså!!
    Veldig kjekt å se så masse stilige bilder fra byen her ;)
    Veldig kjekt å få treffe deg og bli litt mer kjent med deg!
    Gleder meg til neste år, og håper å ses igjen (om ikke før så) da.


  7. Tracie H Said,'> 10:39 PM

    Well it certainly looks like you had fun....I bet your class was amazing :)



  8. Anonymous Said,'> 5:02 PM

    that was a magical weekend ania! SO happy to have met you and that i can now add you to my list of much loved girlfriends!


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