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Posted by Ania On Thursday, March 06, 2008
Love crackle paint! And finally got to use the dresden (?) wings I got from Kathrine long time ago - cheers! It's so cool! :) And yes. That's Amalie luggin around with a sword. A huge badass sword. *snicker* Made of rubber natch, but oh so very nature-like... we visited some friends who were into real life roleplaying and they had this huge arsenal of totally cool kick-ass weaps :)

In other news... Gary Gygax is dead. No, I didn't know who he was until like, he was dead, but apparently he's like the godfather of D&D and AD&D and stuff and a lot of stuff might have been different if it wasn't for him and his buddy making out the whole roleplaying-genre & rules - or so they say. I briefly tried AD&D once with some guys I met on IRC (Niklas, Joakim and Elin among others as far as I recall). I didn't really do any good, I insisted on carrying a corpse around and all that silly stuff :p But then I tried playing a MUD and got hooked and well, I've loved Diablo (ok maybe not really rpg that one?), EverQuest, Baldurs Gate, Heroes of Might and Magic and World of Warcraft and several more games in that genre - both multi and singleplayer. And oh, there wouldn't have been no Dragonlance (I used to compare myself to Lauralanthalasa while I'd rather be like Kitiara) nor books bout Drizzt!! I guess stuff might have been been a whole lotta different without this dude. So three cheers for that man - I mean - they gave us nerds something to do ;p

Introducing the kiddo to literature
Lately I've been thinking a lot about books and stuff and I finally went down to the bookstore asking for Neil Gaiman for kids - and found "The wolves in the wall". Yay! In Norwegian though - I wanted to read this for my kid and see if he maybe just maybe will be interested enough to try read on his own. You see, he loves being read for but shows no real interest in actually learning to read. He just shrugs it off: "You know I can't read mommy" or "I don't remember *then takes a wild guess* as to what letter this or that is unless it's an A for his name or E for grandma's name". Which to me is a bit weird cause I was all about reading when I was his age. Anyways. He seemed to really enjoy the book-reading. Yey.
Oh, speaking of Neil Gaiman - Odd and the frozen Giants are available through this World Book Day thingie for 1£ (UK only afaik - bugger!)

Got tagged by Iris - 7 random things bout me. Hm.

  • I might yell more out of surprise rather than actually being/feeling hurt when I hit myself or something like that. It's a reflex! Sometimes I might laugh too.
  • I can't live without the net. True story.
  • I hate it when I'm told by the docs I should not color my hair for a while and my hair turns into carrotyellowishorange. Ugh!
  • I don't like porridge!
  • I still think being a parent is frickin SCARY and something for grownups, not me.. I wish it was enough to just like, love and hug your kids and never let go.
  • I'm pretty much always sleepy :p (no big surprise for those who knows me)
  • I usually dress in brown and dark blue and militarygreen...subdued boring colors...while I really want to dress more...colorful and pretty...I just...can't! Always fall back on those "safe" clothes...

Oh, and my kid turned seven the other day (Ick. It's a reminder that I'm like, old...and yes! It's all about me!) and my mom was around and stuff and I still haven't put up some photos! Uhoh. So. Here they are - some of them :)

Her kommer noen bilder fra da mamma var her og Adrian hadde bursdag :) Good times :) Takk for besøket mamma!

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  1. Unknown Said,'> 2:37 AM

    Love the crackle paint! I have to try that! Happy birthday to your son!


  2.'> 6:57 AM

    Ja, de bokstavene var kjempelekre!!
    Gratulerer med Adrians dag, som var, de muffinsene så digge ut ;)


  3. Aquarell Said,'> 11:17 AM

    Herlige bilder!
    Gratulerer med 7 åring i huset, pakken var knallkul, og jeg fikk lyst på muffins...;)


  4. Miia Said,'> 12:06 PM

    You don't like porridge?! Really? Not even porridge made of rice? I love it, with sugar and cinnamon! Yumm.. I like all kinds of porridges. You are weird!! heh... I guess it's me, who is really weird.

    Happy B-day to ur son! Already 7. You don't look that old, having a son like 7 years old! :)


  5. iris Said,'> 5:57 AM

    Thanks for doing this Ania! I enjoyed reading about you. I never thought you would go for the safe colors in clothing. But since your hair is vibrant maybe your safe colors brings out the color of your hair more. Oh and IT IS scary being a parent. I hate porridge too. I remember eating it when I'm sick as a child so I guess that thought stuck haha.


  6.'> 4:28 PM

    happy birthday to your little man!!
    i hate porridge too.....


  7. Ann Hedvig Said,'> 10:54 PM

    Har tagget deg i bloggen min jeg :o)

    Ha en fin helg!



  8. Sonja Said,'> 11:40 PM

    Jeg har tagget deg også, så først nå att Ann Hedvig har gjort det samme.... Men men (",)

    God Helg!


  9.'> 8:04 AM

    koselige bilder!!! Og nam!, for noen digge muffinser :) *vann i munnen*

    Grattis med dagen Adrian! :)


  10. Ellen* Said,'> 12:54 PM

    Så utrolig stilig de bokstavene ble med crackle paint! Må prøves en gang!:o)


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