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~~ Some layouts ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I joined a "lift-me-up" challenge Karla Dudley arranged on her blog the other day. Thought it'd be a fun tidbit - and today I finished that layout :) I am lifting Nicole Klein, and this is the layout I chose to lift..adjusted it to lettersize and rotated it some. Now, when I was done with this layout I kinda found out I should have sewn some on it, but ohwell, too late as some of the areas I wanna sew into are embellied and bulky and stuff. It did feel weird scrapping with these kind of colors, but they did fit the photo and the singlecolored ones are just so beautifully made :) This is the "papa"-papers from Fancy Pants :)

And here's the Pencil-Lines layout from sunday - with a gorgeous sketch by Jolene and guest-layout from Kerry Lynn! :D These are the MME papers and hum yeah - I'm a bit into childhood-photos I guess.

And just because I simply adore the vibrant, gorgeous colors on these layouts, here's peeks for this weeks scrappedugnad and pencillines. Yumminess!! And yes...even more Fancy Pants :)

Ohwell, off to work again - will be gone thurs-sun and have more stuff I need to wrap up before so and preferrably get another layout or two done aswell!

10 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Some layouts ~~'

  1.'> 2:26 PM

    really the title of this post should be "Really Freakin' Amazing Gorgeous Inspiring Layouts!!"
    Love everything you are doing!!!
    And if you need help with those Fancy Pants know my address!!


  2. Linda F. Said,'> 7:29 PM

    Beautiful! Can't wait to see more (drool) Fancy Pants. And I do love that MME layout! Beautiful, as usual!


  3.'> 8:35 PM

    wow! For noen digge ark, og ikke minst LO'er. Du er skikkelig inspirerende Ania!!! :D



  4. Aquarell Said,'> 9:08 AM

    Herlige flotte layouter!
    Digger stilen din!:D


  5. Jill Said,'> 10:12 AM

    Så artig å se barnebildene din!
    Likte den fargene på den øverste siden!
    Masse flotte detaljer, liker spes. godt de små bitene med overlay!


  6. Anonymous Said,'> 11:06 AM

    WOW! inspiring!


  7. iris Said,'> 6:08 PM

    so many new stuff to see here! You never cease to amaze me. Oh and yeah I tagged you:)


  8. tovetyll Said,'> 7:31 PM

    whoa kuuuule lo'er! digger nærbildene, så fin skrift du har*


  9. Elisabeth Said,'> 10:53 PM

    WOW her var det utrolig masse fint;)


  10. { Kristina } Said,'> 12:14 PM

    Digger scrappestilen din, så her må jeg nok titte flere ganger. :)


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