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~~ Still moody but better ¨~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Awight. I'm still moody, I guess it's just a part of the whole postop-thingie so I guess it's somewhat ok. When you can't do much about your own situation and know you won't be able for a while still it kinda makes you frustrated and in turn makes you moody. Kinda just something I have to go through. Sorry I was kinda grumpy yesterday on the blog but hey I really appreciate it if it helped a bit..and no, it wasn't directed at anybody in particular, just one of those small annoying things that when keeps repeating itself goes like blergh in the end ;p

Today I'm trying to like, hm, I dunno..breathe. Get back on top of things. Pretend I'm doing something that matters still. I decided I'd take photos of the little thing that helps or makes me happy or well, like, count your blessings or whatever.... just not that important - just small things :p

And because it feels good Im gonna share the photos here. Not because I think they're splendid or great or whatever...just..because I feel the need to, because I think it's a part of a healingprocess just posting and stuff.... dang Im going awfully personal and unclear and squirrely and messy now. Sorry. Just ignore and move on. Don't want sympathy - just need some empathy. I think. At least that's what someone said quite recently and I thought that was good. Should have some scrappy stuff again in a while so just be patient with me in the meantime while I work this out :p

Ps. I paniced the other day. No nailpolish in the house. None that wasn't dried up and old. What has happened to me? I used to care about my nails. Somehow that got lost in the course of the years..and all of a sudden I just felt like, I need nailpolish NOW - I need a base coat, I need at least one preferrably two colors (one bright and natural, perhaps pearlywhitey and one dark like dark blue or dark green or burgundy or just simply dark) and a topcoat. Nrgh. That's how a weird state I am at atm. But really. Need to start taking care of my nails again. I'm told it's probably a part of the kids growing up becoming more independent and me starting to yearn to be something more than just a mom...but to be myself again..sounds plausible to me.

Even though I keep telling that flowers just DIE a HORRIBLE death in my home my mother in law insisted on giving me these flowers a few weeks ago. She's very kind and thoughtful cause I do enjoy flowers...while they last...

Call me sappy. I think I like this. Random pen gathered in a wooden box. Amalies attempt on cleaning up.

How in the WORLD did we survive without DVDplayer and viasat?? These godsent boxes keeps the kids entertained and happy and in return keeps me happy. Oooo shallow and bad bad parent I know. But seriously sometimes you should just acknowledge that these boxes are worth their weight in gold :p
Yes the table's a mess but still, it's kindof a good and stuff ... I mean...after all it's like proof that there's children living here no :p
I love my husband and yesterday he was featured in our local newspaper thanks to his long-standing relationship to basketball and cause he's like, the oldest in the team and all (haha!) and well, because the local bbteam prob is going to join the national league next season which kinda is a bit least for them :p.

    -Get off the cross we need the wood-