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~~ Jinx?? :( ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ugh. They lost both games. By 23 and 6. Bleh.
On the bright side expensive travel-expenses for the team next season! :p

Now. This sceenshot. Remember me complaining that my photos on the blog seemed so brownish and grey and ashen some days ago? Well...I think I found out why... I've been using a template I made myself in photoshop for the uneven edges & the A thingie - and when I copy my photos over it actually turns seen on the screenshot above. The template in front and the original photo behind it. See how the pink is more lively in the back-photo? Her face is more pinkpeachywhite too while the front one is ashen. I assume thats because the photo is in Adobe RGB and the template in sRGB. Assume. I cannot seem to really find out for sure. I made the template in Illustrator then Photoshop. And for some reason I cannot seem to figure out how to find out what color profile the template is in kinda. Geez. This photoproofingthingie sure is messed up and confusing. And well, I use "save for web" on my photos and that converts photos into sRBG automatically anyways and I don't think I've noticed that a huge difference in the colors..? Hm. The above photo is "saved for web" and thus in sRGB and still I think the behind photo looks like it looked in Adobe RGB kinda. UGh. Confuuusiiing. Bit annoying too!

Speaking of. How to save images for Web Viewing. Interesing and stuff. Funny to see the colors in the photo change and stuff when you toggle the proofing-view-thingie. I found out my photo seemed to NOT become more saturated/have increased contrast as he says it'll usually do after the convertion kinda. Weird? If you try that method please let me know how it goes for you?? Anyways. Dunno if I really wanna take such measurements for my hobby-photos here on my blog though. Naa. Doubt so. Whatever. Good to know though! I guess :p (and now I am reminded that I need to read "CS3 for digital photographers" - I've had the book for some months now and have yet to read past chapter 2 - hrm - need to make time to read more! I'm sure it should be covered in the book someplace too :p)

Ohwell. Nuff photoshopnerdbabling from me for now (I really oughta like, take a real class or something like that and actually learn more..I guess...but really, this blog is just me thinking out loud and stuff as I go hoping someone who reads actually knows more and will point me into the right direction..or something like that..cause I'm so lazy :p) Check back later for tonights Pencil-Lines :)

3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Jinx?? :( ~~'

  1. Inger-Marie Said,'> 9:41 PM

    Hei! Har noe til deg inne i min blogg:)


  2. tovetyll Said,'> 1:02 AM

    å, stakkars basket-mannen... men kanskje det var greit også, en divisjon opp er plutselig mye mer pes!
    skulle liksom skrive noe mer nyttig, men det forsvant fra hodet mitt...litt trøtt*hm... ha en super uke!!:)


  3. mi@ Said,'> 1:19 AM

    Jupp, har sjekka Pencillines. Digg LO fra deg som vanlig. Og når det gjelder PS, så kan jeg ikke hjelpe deg... er nok du som må hjelpe meg *fnis*


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