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~~ sucky day and other stuff ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, March 21, 2008

Had a sucky start on my day today - see - my PC is hiccuping and stuff, causing me to swap graphcards some weeks ago and having to repartiate the HDD and stuff a little over a week ago and stuff..... lots of wonky stuff going on, and my USB-hub is dead causing me to have to go down behind the PC under the table swappin wires all the time and even the USB-port is wonky so I have to disconnect/connect a number of times sometimes.....aaaaand to top it off - more bluescreens this morning - after just five minutes of the PC being up nrgh!! Anyways...after error-checking both disks the PC looks somewhat stable now ...I've backuped a number of new files/pictures and well, I just think my pc is dying a slow slow painful death...

Ohwell. Nuff sucky talk.
Remember my cool ring from the last post? See, Amalie begged to borrow it so I let her ... Bad Idea. Very Bad Idea. See....this is a photo of the back of our television. And the white tape? The tape is covering a medium-sized hole. In the past she's been fond of putting pen and crayons and stuff into the hole watching them disappear. We thought she quit doing that stuff and was too lazy to do anything. Then she got to borrow the ring. Uhoh. Well - I managed to retrieve the ring as it turned out she actually put it on a kinda shelf right inside the hole. Good thing. A little more to the left and it would have ended up on the bottom of the TV. Soooo once I retrieved it I taped the hole and had to comfort a crying Amalie cause she was soooo sad about the whole thing and the disappearing ring and me being upset with her. Kids. Ps. I love it when she knows she's doing something wrong, she stops and freezes for a moment then her mouth comes down down down and her eyes just stare hard at you blinking maybe once or twice and her brow kinda furrows and then suddenly she starts cryin...the whole process is pretty cute and I usually have to hide my smile cause I think it's pretty funny.....baaaad baaaad baaaad mommy!! In this photo below she's done crying but the little pout is still there..

Scrappedugnad went live today with a challenge from Gigi - to use stuff to make something we can decorate our homes with kinda. I made a little washibox with instructions from this site. It was quite easy and it looks so pro, like a box I've bought and altered but it's not - I made this from cardboard, some paint and paper/embellishments :) I used stuff from Prima on this one - see the cool black tape on top of the box? LOVE the tapes from Prima! It really looks like it belong to the paper once it's used kinda - neat. And I made a little handle on the side from the cool ribbons they got :)

AND!!! Did you see this over at ScrapDreamie?? Awww Tracie made the coolest layout featuring yours truly! Dang it's so rockin' cool! I haven't scrapped this photo of myself before and I dunno if I can do it now that she has - how can I top this? Teehee.. they also have a DT search going on - they're a part of ScrapGenie which is a UK stockist and they have a lot of cool stuff kinda. Think I'm gonna give it a go. No pain no gain or something like that *rolls eyes*

Wrapping this post up with sharing these small stories - be warned - it's's beautiful...but so so sad.... I cried when I read about this.. This was the initial blogpost I read over at Mike Colons blog...then I looked around and found this newstory... and this is the organization - Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. They're doing such a truly admirable gesture..

Guess that's it from me now - over and out -- enjoy your Easter :)

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  1.'> 11:44 AM

    God påske til deg & dine! Surfer innom bloggen din, fantastiske ting du lager. Liker veldig godt alle de små detaljene og flotte farger som du bruker :) Ellers herlige bilder av barna!


  2.'> 12:44 AM

    love that box hun!
    Happy Easter
    hugs anna x


  3.'> 10:56 PM

    hehehe on your story!!! love what those kids get up to!!!
    that layout of you is LOVELY!!!!


  4. Pretty Arty Said,'> 11:38 PM

    this box is soo cute!


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